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Many visitors do not leave comments but they are returning visitors. Many writers are now offering memberships to exclusive content on their blogs in order to make money blogging. As said above do not write same post again ( duplicate content ). If paid posts are must for you keep it minimum or have separate website / blog for paid posts or articles

Don’t copy content of other sites, if it is really necessary then mention it, that you have taken it form that site:The reason why your blog is not indexed or if indexed then comes on last pages is you copy others content, search engine spiders are now very intelligent so be careful, if you really like something of any other blog then mention it that I have copied for this site it will not only give credit to real writer but will create a good reputation of yours and at least don’t paste a copied material on homepage. Corporate blogging is also being more popular. Take some time to invest in your readers. So, when you really understand what it is that you want to do with your blog, then you can start to build on that

Once your successful blog is created, you must incorporate the promotion of your products and even test the waters with new ideas. It really has no limitations and it has a global reach. It is the in-thing in this 21st century. You can also share pictures, graphics, symbols, data and others items online. The truth is that we all are marketers

Syndicate the blogsite by adding headlines to your Yahoo! Adding the link within your home page will allow the readers fast access to the blogsite. Having lost motivation is something that can stop even a good blogger dead in their tracks and is typical for anyone who does a lot of writing! Read more to see 5 suggestions to help bloggers rekindle their passion and drive when getting motivated to blog becomes difficult for them! Having lost motivation is something that can stop even a good blogger dead in their tracks and is typical for anyone who does a lot of writing! No doubt about it, blogging does indeed involve a lot of writing and this requires large doses of sustained motivation! When blogging, if getting motivated to create content or promote your site becomes an issue, the very life of your site is put at risk! Having no content leaves you with nothing to offer readers and that’s the whole intent of your site, correct? Since it’s common for even a good blogger to occasionally suffer from a loss of motivation, what can be done to restore it?. Some of the free sites include allows the individuals to purchase a domain name they can use with the blog site

This will also create a nice monthly income for your blog. With that kind of traffic, how can business blogging not be important? Business blogging can be a tool both for your internal communication, providing important updates for current customers, and your advertising. Read the rest of the article here: Business Blogging. This boosts your sites in terms of key relevance, a factor that is weighed heavily in determining how well they rank on the search engine