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Word-of-mouth is effective on Facebook – When you decide to go for a movie you would ask your friends who have seen it whether it’s watchable or not. The point is word-of-mouth is effective on social media sites especially on Facebook. You can use this opportunity to creating brand awareness by conducting contests or promotional offers on your Facebook page such as rewards for those who spread the word about your brand. Facebook recently made a big change in the way they allow contests to be run. Businesses with a Facebook page can now use several options to run a contest quickly and easily by posting a photo or text and inviting comment and/or likes. Facebook Apps – By using Facebook apps you can import your blog, conduct contests and promotions, gather email sign-ups, sell products via ecommerce and provide customer support services. To make the most of your social media campaign, partner with a professional SEO company that offers Facebook marketing services. A reliable company’s expert team can provide your business with affordable and effective ad strategies and customized pages to enhance your ‘likes’, brand awareness and sales.

As a company, you do not want your Facebook page to look just like any other page. For instance, you can create custom tabs, where you can add entries, to make it easier for anyone who visits the page to find something they may be interested in. Also, you can change the tab order, to bring forward and highlight the most important information. Companies often make the mistake to believe that it is enough for them to create a Facebook page and just forget about it. If you want to be successful on the popular social media platform, it is advisable to visit it at least once in a while, and post something meaningful. To get people to like you on Facebook, the first rule is to be present, with interesting entries that will create buzz and interest around your business. If you do not have the time to manage your Facebook account, you can ask one of your employees to do it. Paid ads are a solution to make yourself known on the popular social platform.

Over the past few years, Facebook marketing has become a vital part of many a small business’ plan of success. Since Fan Pages are free to make and all someone has to do in order to use Facebook is to register, their use has grown by leaps and bounds, and even famous brand names have gotten into the game, getting consumers to “like” their Fan Pages and then rewarding them with special deals, free samples, and coupons. However, finding fans on Facebook doesn’t happen overnight, and it certainly doesn’t happen without any effort. Any individual or group who plans on using Facebook marketing in order to advertise their product or service needs to have a plan because it is only with careful planning that beginner’s errors are avoided, which saves time and money later on down the road. Step one: carefully plan out your Facebook Fan page design. Fan Page marketing can be very effective, but only if you’re able to catch the consumer’s eye long enough to make him or her stay on your page to see what your product or service is all about.

A few years ago, some guy named Tom (who thinks he’s my friend) created Myspace. Shortly after, another guy named Mark created Facebook. These social networking sites are a gold mine for those networking with other people. However, if you aren’t marketing on Facebook the RIGHT WAY – you risk getting your profile deleted or worse. Here’s how to be effective in your Facebook marketing without getting the boot! First things first. When you create your profile, upload a picture. And make sure it’s not the shot of you chugging your favorite 12 oz. beverage. In order to professionally market yourself, you need to look the part! Next thing – and probably the most important after getting your profile setup – no matter what you do, do NOT add hundreds of friends everyday to your account! This is just like spamming. Facebook will delete your account. So just don’t do it! The key here is that social networking is about relationships. INTERACT WITH THEM! And what I mean by that is, don’t start pitching them your business opportunity or product/service. Get to know them! Share with them your resources. The most effective way to do Facebook marketing is to build relationships with people, not try and close them on your business concepts. Help them, and build a level of trust with them, and then your ideas will be more accepted by them.

Social networks have proven themselves to be an important part of any internet marketing campaign for entrepreneurs looking to make money. One well known social networking site is making headway in being a “place to be” for local businesses that want to reach out to potential customers. It is impossible to be a business that people are going to take seriously if you don’t have a website. Your website is your storefront to the world. It doesn’t really matter what your niche is or if you are providing products or services. That doesn’t mean that a website guarantees your success, you have to know how to promote it. The best and most effective time honored way is through internet marketing, specifically SEO. Today, that SEO needs to be done through the social networking sites like Facebook. There are few “gurus” on the net that will tell you the best way to use Facebook is to tap into your local market, meaning that you are reaching out to your friends, and their friends and other people that live in the same general area as your business.

Among the various ways to advertise online, one of them is to market with Facebook. If you want to add a personal touch to your business, advertising on Facebook can have great results, especially if your target audience is of a younger age group, who tends to use it more. The first thing to do is of course start a profile. Take note that Facebook does not really recommend this so make sure that the profile is yours with a business intention in it. Post photos of you doing business and some products that you sell. Add friends to your profile, remembering to remark that you are looking for friends and also showcase your products. Most people will not like it if they perceive that you add them as friends just to make money from them, which bodes ill for you and what you are offering. Remember Metcalfe’s law, which states that the economic power of a business is the square of the number of networks. The more friends you added, the greater the economic power of the business. Keep a constant effort to remove clutter and negative remarks made with postings that may turn away many potential customers. Also, you must keep it alive! Consistently update your profile and post new photos to give potential clients the idea that you are still in business and are supposedly doing well. Go all out to make your profile as interesting as possible. Also make use of the groups feature to drive more traffic to your profile. Join and participate in events to let more people know you and cover a lot more ground. Get as many people to be involved in your events and groups as possible. In conclusion, I would like to reiterate that updating your profile and photos and latest information is essential to success to your Facebook marketing efforts. Follow these suggestions and you will see your efforts rewarded handsomely!