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Blog commenting is critical. This not only generates awareness or you and your blog, but it also opens up a possible business relationship with the other blogger. As long as your commenting is insightful and not viewed as spam, there is a chance that a conversation can be struck up between you and the other blogger. This opens the door for link exchanging and guest blogging, both of which offer you the chance at more readers. Now that you are writing consistent content, and you are commenting and networking with other bloggers within your niche marketing, the next step to blogging for dollars is backlinks. Building backlinks will be the main concern for you in establishing solid and consistent page views. Backlinks, using your primary keywords will attract search engine spiders. Increasing the amount of times your blog is indexed and also increasing you’re own Page ranking. The goal is to generate enough backlinks to be seen on the first page of any search engine for your specific keywords. So, now the question how does this have anything to do about blogging for dollars? It has everything to do with blogging for dollars. Because no matter how you plan to monetize your blog, nothing will be successful if you are not generating traffic.

Understanding the subject of blogging is made far easier when one immerses oneself in it, so set up a feed reader and get to it. You’ll soon lose yourself in this fascinating world of content sharing and strong opinions. By October 2006, Technorati, a blog tracking engine, registered 57 Million blogs tracked. They also acknowledged a consistent pattern whereby the number of blogs doubles every 236 days. However despite the massive growth of blogs, most do not make it past 3 months. According to Technorati, only 55 percent of bloggers are still posting 3 months after starting the blog with very few in comparison updating their blogs weekly or more. Whether one is starting a blog for personal or corporate marketing purposes, there is no guarantee that anyone will ever find it. In order to ensure a blog’s success it needs to be marketed. Search engine optimisation: By ensuring that your blog is search engine friendly, search engines can be a major source of traffic. It is important that your chosen keywords are used in your blog headings, content and meta tags and that the search engines are able to spider all aspects of your blog.

A couple of years back, I set out on a quest. A quest to make money blogging and make hundreds of thousands of dollars every single month; enough to retire from my job and live the life of my dreams. But alas, that didn’t happen after my first blog post. C’mon man! What? People didn’t just rush to my blog after the first post. Did I have my hopes too high? You bet I did. No one is going to be the next Tymothy Sykes or Cute Girls Hairstyles guru overnight. This career field is relatively new with the advent of the Internet (and No, I will not give Al Gore props on his claimed invention). Thousands of people have jumped on the so called band wagon. You see my point here. I’m not even going to try and speculate how many bloggers are out there in 2013. You get it – too many to count.

My company can help with both but there are some steps you can take to increase your visibility. The first thing is to use Tags. These tags describe the post that you have written. It is almost like a category so when your blog is submitted to blog directories then it is easy for your latest posts to be picked up by the blog surfer. The next thing is RSS feeds. If you have a look at my blogs (Snow Extreme, Able Net Design Diaries, iBlab) you will notice that I have a numerous amount of little buttons which are different applications that people use to subscribe to your blog. Last but not least blog directories. Submit your blog to them, the idea is to get other websites to pick up your posts and display them on their site. As a little example if you type in “Tristan Jud” in google I take up at least 5 of the first pages of results with a few exceptions. Alot of these are blog postings I have done that are now being picked up by other websites. Write for your audience as well as search engines. That means include keywords that you want search engines to pick up on. This could be done in the title of your post. I have found that the title of my posts on Snow Extreme Blog are one of my main sources of search engine trafficOf course if all of this doesn’t start to increase your traffic then you might need to look at what topics your are blogging about. If you have nothing interesting to say, then I doubt people will be interesting in reading your blog. This is just as insight into blogging correctly, but it should get you on the right path. If you require more help please don’t hesitate to contact me.

You should refrain from posting the same keywords again and again in the same post as then Google will ban your site for some time and your rankings will fall drastically. You should also use your primary and secondary as much as possible in the anchor texts for linking the text to other blog sites or other blog posts. Also make every effort to make your site easier for search engine to track. Also it is very much necessary to make your navigation bar of the whole website on every page of the website. All your previous posts should be linked to all pages so that they can be easily searchable by search engines. You should also create back links to your website on as many blogs as possible. This is because it will help a lot in getting the rank of your website higher in the search engine pages. The more links you have created the higher will be the rank of your website on search engines. You can get back links to your website is to submit your blog and RSS feeds to as many blog search engines and blog directories as possible. Exchange your links with other blogs and network with as many people as possible on the blogs. If you find any interesting information on a blog then don’t forget to link it. The track back will become a link to your blog after some time. In the end to optimize search engine results for your website you should update your blog frequently.