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The link between the subconscious mind and dreaming has been explored only recently. Sigmund Freud probably was the first to look at the role of the subconscious mind in dreams and explored the unconscious elements that drives our motivation. Now imagine being able to get a clear view of our subconscious mind and understand beter how and what motivates each of us in our unique ways. You might find that there are unknown , to your consciousness, elements that are actually motivating you counter to what you are trying to achieve consciously. I also like to refer to them as mental blocks. A very frustrated smoker trying to stop does not necessary realize that he subconsciously believes that it is fine to smoke and that its the reason why he can not actually get himself to stop consciously. Not just because of the physical addiction. If he does realize this he then has discovered a mental block and if he also realizes how powerful the subconscious mind is he may be beter prepared mentally to change this habit by working on releasing the block.

Help them to develop goals with qualities of specific, measurable, attainable, result oriented and time bound. This will help personal development which will add value to the organization. Awareness is the best gift you can give to your subordinates. The following techniques will help you to encourage self-development in your subordinates. • Identify the mental blocks to growth by appraisal, feedback by counseling. • Clarify your expectations and provide challenge and stimulation at work. • Use questionnaires and instruments to encourage self-awareness, reflection, and new experiences which test people out and awaken their curiosity and desire to learn. • Reward learning and success, even though small, so that people feel how good it is to grow and develop. • Employees should be encouraged to record their own personal achievements at work and outside, and to measure the attainment of their goals. • Personal and career development includes choice as well as planning. Ensure they have information about openings and alternatives available to them. • Help them to plan their own development and let them try various activities to broaden their horizon and help them to identify the way and direction they wish to develop. • Self-Management is the highest art of Management. Help them to develop their self-management techniques. Personal development leads to personality development. This will help them to lead by example and enjoy the hard earned achievements with self-awareness and self-control which enhances their self-respect and self-confidence.

Did that make me happy? It made me comfortable yes, but not happy. By mastering your emotions, cleaning out resentments and grievances, and changing your old habitual reactions to events, you will achieve happiness no matter what your external circumstances. Start with my Emotional Mastery category at the Urban Monk website. Be happy where you are now, and then work towards where you want to go. Think of this analogy: You are a diamond in the rough, recently dug up, and still covered with dirt and mud along the years. Before you can begin to polish and shape the diamond, you have to clean the mud off. That is what emotional mastery means to me. The dirt and mud refer to some events in your past that were painful to you. I dont believe that anybody can come through the journey into adulthood unhurt in all ways. All sorts of abuse, emotional, verbal, and physical, could have happened. This is an exception to the statement that you should take responsibility for whatever has happened to you, especially if you were young and helpless. I have to make this distinction here or I will get bombed with hate mail.

Each step doesn’t need to be spelled out while you’re developing your personal plan, but it should be implied. After you have figured out what you want to do, then next step in developing your personal plan is find the resources you need to make it happen. If you want to be a doctor, but you don’t yet have your high school diploma, then you will need to get a GED. If you want a deep spiritual life, then you will need to explore until you have found the right path for you. This is a Personal Development Plan, not an ‘Already Completed Snapshot.’ Don’t get discouraged if it seems like there is a lot to do. Find mentors – If your goal is to make money as a blogger, find someone who can show you a method for doing precisely that. I know someone who is doing precisely that. If your goal is to be a veterinarian, stop by your local animal hospital. You get the idea. Find someone who is already successful at doing what you want to do and make them part of your personal development plan.