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If necessary, incentivize customers to give you their number by, for example, running a competition or draw and offering a prize. Bear in mind that if you are a small business, mobile marketing using text messages will work best if you are targeting your local market. If you run, say, a dry-cleaning business, there is little point marketing to people on the other side of the country. How can my business use mobile marketing? It depends on your business but, for example, you could use it to inform customers of new product ranges that may be of interest to them, or special offers and special events. Or you could invite them to participate in a competition. Just make sure your messages are targeted. What does mobile marketing cost? Mobile marketing costs are low it doesnt cost a lot to send a text message. However, costs may vary depending on the mobile network used. Talk to your phone company. What should I say in my message? The message length available to you is 160 characters so plan your messages carefully, keep them brief and to the point and make each word count. Include a call to action in each message such as call now or come into the shop now (and the opt-out instructions). If you are not sure whether mobile marketing will work for your business, why not try it and see. A small campaign will cost very little (especially compared with something like direct mail) and your business could be in for a pleasant surprise as a result.

They will get to read about your product or service instantly and you will be able to perk up your revenues. Mobile marketing is also very popular because of its cost effectiveness. Unlike advertising on TV or radio, using this mode of communication for marketing is much simpler. However, to make use of SMS marketing in the best possible manner, you must come up with an effective message. It should be relevant, concise and informative so that you can successfully connect with your potential customers. If you cannot create an effect mobile marketing message on your own, you can take professional help. The more effective your message is, the higher will be your chances of increasing your sales. The effectiveness and affordability of mobile marketing makes it the marketing solution of the day. This is why when you come up with a marketing strategy for your business do not forget to explore and utilize the option of mobile marketing as it can give you great results without spending very much. Most people keep their cell phones close to them all the time and when your message reaches them, you will certainly be able to introduce your company and products or services which will in turn help you increase your sales.

With customers providing permission to contact them, they are trusting businesses leading to brand loyalty. Cell phones are a very personable item that people continuously use 24/7, allowing advertising to reach consumers at a high rate. The reach of mobile marketing not only advertises to smart phone users but to traditional cell phone users also. Mobile traditionalists comprise 60% of mobile users that website advertising cannot reach. Text messages can reach an audience of 100.7 million compared to the web at 34.1 million. People have their devoted attention to their cell phones and interact with them uninterruptedly. With web and TV, the audience is most likely distracted by numerous attempts to gain attention. Mobile marketing breaks through the clutter and advertises to customers as an individual. Cell phones have become personable through individualized apps and reflect an active user perspective on consumers. Marketing professionals can detect where a customer has been, what they’ve been doing, and essentially know that customer.

Offline Functioning – Without a wifi or cell service connection, mobile websites are not accessible. Native apps have offline accessibility giving them the edge in this category. Development Costs – Custom native apps are extremely expensive. Both Mobile websites and NMAT’s involve the least cost and are very affordable. Possibly with future technological advancements, mobile apps for small businesses may go the way of betamax, and mobile websites may overcome many of their current shortcomings and become the dominate mobile format. But for now, and probably for the foreseeable future, native apps are the best marketing tool available for small businesses. For maximum benefit, your app can be used in conjunction with your mobile website and gain additional user benefits such as the ability for customers to log in to their personal accounts. Now to the good part. Here’s a look at what benefits a mobile app can bring to your business and your customers. The power of the mobile app to engage and communicate with the customers, is in it’s features.