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Email marketing programs and newsletters are effective because they satisfy a prospect’s basic needs for timely information and on-going reassurance. Your on-going email marketing and newsletter program helps to build and maintain relationships with prospects and existing customers. Research shows that email marketing and newsletter programs work! The reasons are simple: 1) You need to be there when your prospect is ready to buy. A newsletter or email marketing program keeps your brand in front of your prospects on an on-going basis. When the time comes to buy, your company will be in the right place at the right time — and will make the sale. 2) Prospects go through different stages before making a purchase — and you can guide them every step of the way. Prospects go through need recognition, information search, and evaluation stages before making a purchase. Your email marketing program or newsletter can provide helpful information — and keep your brand front and center — during each step along the way. 3) Prospects need constant reminders that you are “out there” and have the products or services that will meet their needs.

Email marketing software has long been praised for its ability to help businesses keep in contact with customers, boost their brand, and drive traffic to their website, store or event. But many online retailers (or entailers) are rapidly discovering that coupons are the hidden gem of email marketing. If you walk around any shopping mall you will see countless window signs touting “Big Sales”, “Inventory Clearance”, “Reduced Prices” and more. The behemoth retailer, Wal-Mart, has had great success with their “price rollback” marketing campaign. All of this continually proves that, in terms of consumer psychology, people love any form of savings and any chance at a good deal. But, why should the announcements of sales or price savings be limited to the offline world, when the online economy is bursting with just as many stores? Many online retailers have asked that exact question and come to the conclusion that it is absolutely silly to leave sound marketing strategy at the door as soon as you move into the online realm.

And the concept of my three-step sales cycle still works regardless of the item. Create the Interest, Overcome Objections, Close The Sale. Plus with a high-ticket item you will have different decision makers who have different emotional and motivational needs. The higher the price the harder it is to normally get a quick sale or at least more steps are required. Here are a few thoughts to bear in mind. Long copy almost every time beats short copy. The more you say the more chance you have of a sale. Of course, you cannot bore your prospect into a sale so follow proven formulas. Need help to get started in 2018? Use this simple email marketing tool to help you decide what you wish to say in your emails. It will help you list your emails into a logical sequence. 1. It helps you build your case without sending out mindless emails. 2. It allows you to hit different emotions and trigger points of prospects. And you would be right as I have spent over ten years mastering my skills in email marketing. But this doesn’t mean you can’t give it a go. So here are a few more tips. Don’t ignore old prospects – especially if the item you offered was expensive. Big chance they have not done anything yet and the opportunity is still there. Generally, old prospects are more interested in what you have to say rather than a brand new prospect.

Email marketing has its many benefits. This internet marketing strategy is not really emphasized on as many internet marketers are more focused on traffic generation and website optimization. What they do not realise is how powerful emails are. This particular brand of power online can give you miracles in ways you won’t imagine. To give out emails, you will first need an auto-responder. An auto-responder is a service that you can use to build up on your list and send out emails to them in a specific time. For example, when someone subscribes to your list, he/she will automatically receive a thank you email from you and receives the first newsletter. This service is useful because it allows you to type in all your emails and send them out in sequence, e.g. You have eight emails you’d like to give your customers and you can organize them into being sent out as one per week.

When designing your email, test it on a few coworkers and see if they can easily find your contact information. If they have a difficult time, then you may want to adjust your design. Email marketing is part of an ongoing effort to keep your marketing message at the forefront of your potential customer’s minds. That means maintaining a consistent and balanced delivery schedule that is not too frequent or far apart. Do not send emails out more than twice a month, but do remain consistent and timely so that you begin to build trust with your users. Follow these five steps and you can create effective email campaigns that speak to your audience and drive them toward the next step in becoming your customer. Like all marketing, email marketing is about building trust between you and your potential clients by giving them information that is useful and relevant. In the competitive real estate industry, email marketing, done right, is a valuable addition to your marketing efforts. By following these simple suggestions, you can win the battle of the inbox with smart, professional marketing practices.

For an intense review of the message you can use services like Email Analysis. Moreover, if you are managing a campaign at pro level, A/B testing can always be fruitful in testing variations of the same message on a sample list, and then trigger the best performing one. Unless you have recipient’s permission, anything you send through an email is almost a spam, which is strictly against the law. Today, numerous businesses take shortcuts and purchase email lists and compile them in an unethical way. Do not forget, that spam also hampers your brand reputation. Read all the information on CAN-SPAM act to be well informed. Being aggressive sometimes drive businesses towards desperations, which leads to these unethical tactics. You can go through the Federal Trade Commission website to take corrective actions to mitigate the damage caused by your past mistakes. After the mailing list mistake this is another common one the email marketers usually commit.