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This allows businesses to better fulfill the needs of their customers, relating their product specifically to their habits. People use their cell phone for just about everything now, carrying it everywhere, checking their personal accounts, and leaving intimate details about themselves. Businesses can relate relevant and valuable information to customers creating a deep relationship. GPS location is also a successful tool that mobile marketing utilizes. It can direct the text message blast within a certain mileage of the business or target certain demographics specifically. By reaching a more precise target, there is no wasted circulation and the message is delivered to the intended target audience. Through the help of mobile carriers, there may be user profiles to better pinpoint a target audience. Mobile marketing uses geography to make advertising integrate into a campaign, focusing at home or away. The use of an effective mobile marketing campaign has the chance to double a business’ revenue but at the cost of $100,000, in 2007. In a recent campaign I conducted for a counseling business, the use of text message appointment reminders and online booking doubled the profit intake for the business. Since mobile marketing is a recent advertising campaign, there are still challenges to be considered. But, it has proven to be an effective and upcoming marketing medium. The beginning of mobile marketing has been successful and shines hope on upcoming advances for companies such as AdMob, Quattro Wireless, Millennium Media, JumpTap, and InMobi. Future mobile marketing may include video messages, advertising with games, screen savers and coupons. Mobile marketing has proved to be a success for many businesses, and is an upcoming leading medium in the advertising world.

When combined with GPS and the cell phone camera people will be able to just point their phone at a specific location and get real time directions or other information like local restaurant reviews. Battery manufactures are also hard at work using nanotechnology to improve run time and recharge times. They are also developing alternative charging methods all in an effort to support the increasing demands placed on batteries. Mobile presents an amazing opportunity for “main street” businesses because it will be as if they were walking around town with the prospect and leading them right into their business and right to the very product, service or meal they are looking for. Businesses can now stay in touch with mobile users through various techniques resulting in improved efficiency with revenue producing benefits. We are on the crest of an exponentially increasing trend of mobile use and marketing through this channel is still new so there is little competition out there. There are simple very cost effective, turnkey systems available right now for anyone who wants to promote their business or who may be interested in starting one that easily lends itself to mobile commerce, such as an affiliate marketing program.

Mobile marketing is becoming a dominant force in advertising. It provides a number of elements few other types of advertising can match. It allows businesses to reach out directly to customers. It provides customers with information of sales, specials and deals much quicker than any other marketing medium. Mobile marketing also creates two way communications between consumers and companies trying to do business with them. Customers not only receive the advertising, they can also provide feedback directly to the companies reaching out to them. This marketing technique also allows customers some measure of control as to the type, frequency and amount of advertisements they receive. It streamlines the marketing process and makes it much more efficient and effective. Advertising using billboards, hand bills, newspapers, magazines, radio and television is a scattershot approach which has been utilized for many years. It places information about products and services in locations where businesses hope it will be seen by its customer base and people who need the things that are offered. Mobile marketing allows businesses to take a more controlled approach.

Mobile marketing is a highly interactive and personalized medium – and represents a huge opportunity for marketers. Integrating mobile technology into marketing campaigns allows customers to take advantage of special offers, cash in coupons, receive event alerts, obtain relevant information – and provides advertisers a powerful and immediate impact. Anytime, Anywhere: As mobile phones are capable of receiving information anytime, anywhere it makes it easier for marketers to establish and strengthen a relationship with their customers. High Penetration: The number of mobile users is almost 5 times higher than that of Internet users. This provides advertisers a much larger, and in many cases, a virtually untapped audience. Target Specific: The opt-in nature of mobile marketing makes campaigns more effective and target specific than any other advertising form. Capitalization of the Moment: Mobile communication can be adapted and modified to what your customers could be doing at that specific place. For instance, the odds are high that your offer may reach your customers while actively shopping, thus working to leverage their buying decisions. Response Driven: Mobile ads are generally interactive and primed to bring about a response from even on-the-go customers. List Building: Mobile advertising is an excellent way to build an impressive list which can be used for customer retention and loyalty marketing in future campaigns. Effortless Tracking: Delivery of messages and responses can be tracked with existing systems, making this an excellent marketing tool. The innovative features of mobile marketing make it possible for advertisers to reach a much larger market than traditional mediums. This provides the opportunities for faster growth and larger profits. There are many multi-faceted advantages to mobile advertising. For the future of your business, take the time to learn more about how you can incorporate this awesome opportunity to grow your marketing database and your profit line.

Mobile websites are becoming more and more essential for both online and offline businesses as more and more people are using their mobile/cellular phones to access the internet. With that said it is clear to see that if your business (especially if it’s online) does not have a mobile website is losing customers and leaving money on the table. Using such sites for marketing techniques such as mobile marketing especially is essential and very effective in both the short and long run. OK so now let’s get into the 10 benefits of mobile websites. 1. People have their phones on them all the time so they can check out your business website from anywhere in the world at any time. 2. They are about 2.8 billion more users on cell phones than on the internet so you get more exposure for you business. 3. And because of increased exposure and popularity you will get an increased in sales revenue.