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I shall explain simply what email marketing is, what is needed for you to start and what are the advantages. You will find that using trigger emails will create a stronger relationship with your subscribers and that is what you are after. Before you put someone on your email marketing list, you need to have their permission. People love getting special offers and for every $1 you spend on Email Marketing you’ll get $43 back! So hopefully, at this point, you can see why you need to get started with Email Marketing sooner rather than later

Should you need any help with your marketing campaign, there are several email marketing campaign services ready to assist you, and they’re usually just one email away. Sending emails regularly can increase the chances your existing customers buying from your brand again. This does not mean that some spammers have not been caught for the practice but indicates that a large amount of spam and spammers are virtually untraceable. Don’t wait until you have a huge mailing list or tons and tons of content

Always give clients the chose to opt-in and opt-out. DO NOT, by any means, send emails to someone that did not say yes to receive them. A content packed newsletter which also sent free offers and freeware periodically ended up losing his whole list and business just by losing patience. If you’re using this form of online marketing, it is also a good idea to encourage readers to post comments about your blog

Make your links stand out and they should be clean and clear. Not only does it generate copy, it generates effective copy, saving you the trouble of hiring an expensive copywriter or using a service like Elance or Odesk to hire someone who might not know what they’re doing. Hence, until and unless the email is being sent to a select group of individuals and requires a lot of copy or content, its best to wrap up everything within 50 words. Jump on it now before it’s discovered by the masses and increases it cost, because there is no better value at the moment. It is primarily intended for sending newsletters; there is no integration of tracking whatsoever

Tech reporters love to proclaim-with apparently incredible certainty-that email is at the end of its usefulness. Novice computer users can use their PC “Notepad” utility and save the document as a text (TXT) file. Another vital point is to confirm whether the software company will charge you on per mail basis or will charge a fixed fee

There are several available services that you can rely on, and they will help you get rid of bouncing emails that fail to reach the recipient due to invalid addresses. Keep content relevant, specific and concise: State your offer openly and without reservation right from the beginning of your email message, and certainly keep it Above the Fold. In any case, its not the smartest idea to trick the customer into buying the product or service, so its no point trying to force the information to him/her. Know how to reach the level you want: Quite obvious, but often ignored