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For an intense review of the message you can use services like Email Analysis. Moreover, if you are managing a campaign at pro level, A/B testing can always be fruitful in testing variations of the same message on a sample list, and then trigger the best performing one. Unless you have recipient’s permission, anything you send through an email is almost a spam, which is strictly against the law. Today, numerous businesses take shortcuts and purchase email lists and compile them in an unethical way. Do not forget, that spam also hampers your brand reputation. Read all the information on CAN-SPAM act to be well informed. Being aggressive sometimes drive businesses towards desperations, which leads to these unethical tactics. You can go through the Federal Trade Commission website to take corrective actions to mitigate the damage caused by your past mistakes. After the mailing list mistake this is another common one the email marketers usually commit.

Email is the most influential and yet the most risky means of communications. Without permission you not just risk losing customer goodwill, you could also end up being blacklisted by ISPs that decline every mail coming from your domain if spamming objections have been made against you. Permission is not complicated to get. Present something of value in return for the customer giving consent to accept your e-mail and, often, to give helpful personal information. The best approach to get permission is to have your top customers request their friends to sign up. It creates a self-screened record of prospects that are possibly attracted to your offer. You should use the cleanest permission-based record you can get that is targeted to your business as well as your offer. Several organizations have this information in CRM, SFA, and contact management databases. Successful email marketing begins with a base and utilizes the email to drip the story, to have it slowly open up.

For example, when sending a message directly to your target market’s computer desktop, you are completely bypassing all of the email and spam filters that will prevent your message from getting through if you were to send it via email. Therefore, you can expect a much greater open rate, as well as click through rate when you send your message via desktop marketing. Also, the great thing about desktop marketing is that your clients or subscribers don’t have to login to their email accounts to receive your marketing message. Most busy people do not login to their email accounts multiple times a day. As a matter of fact, it can take a few days for someone to actually go and check their email inbox. People are just too busy these days. Therefore, the best way of instantly grabbing their attention is by sending your marketing message directly to their desktop. This way, you know that as soon as you send your message, if they have their computer on, they will instantly have access to your marketing message.

Email Marketing is a form of communicating commercial messages to the potential customers. This form of marketing aims at selling goods and services of an organization to the potential customers. It is an effective form of marketing used for several other purposes. An entrepreneur deploys marketing through electronic mails for building the brand of his organization. It also aims at driving traffic to a company’s website. Mail marketing is also used for special offers or to provide customer service or technical support. With this form of advertising, an advertiser can reach his best prospects instantly and conveniently. It is an economical and measurable method of communicating with the customers. Promotion through mails offers flexibility to an advertiser. This is feasible as an advertiser is able to reach out to the maximum number of prospects within less time. One can even enlarge the customer base of an enterprise by reaching out to the clients beyond geographical boundaries.