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Personalization is key to connecting with your email marketing list. When people feel like they are part of a group they are more likely to respond positively than when they dont feel included. It is a proven fact that when you receive an email that has your name on it you feel more attached and certainly more special than with a generic email. When people feel like they are part of a group they are more likely to respond positively than when they dont feel included. There are many psychological aspects that must be considered with your email marketing campaign and whether or not you personalize emails, and how this affects your customers, is worth thinking about. If you use personalization correctly in your email marketing campaign then you will have a better chance of creating a relationship and a bond between the customer and your brand. This is really important and it is just as important to ensure the personalization is done correctly.

The benefits of email marketing should be clear to you now. There are few other ways to connect directly with people and grow your connections simultaneously that are effective as an email. Further, with so many options for people to read their emails, including their computers and mobile devices, your emails have a much better chance of being read and read quickly. Of course, as mentioned, there are some pitfalls to watch out for. You have to be careful with emails, as you are dealing with individuals in their own digital space. Don’t spam – if you buy an email list, make certain it’s an opt-in list. Always respect people’s privacy and if they ask to unsubscribe, make sure they can do so. Do not share your emails – Keep your emails to yourself. Nobody will trust you if they find out you gave away or sold their email address. Observe the anti-spam laws – read over the spam laws and make sure you follow them. They’re not complex, but they do contain guidelines that will keep you out of trouble. Don’t hammer advertising down anyone’s throat – A good rule of thumb in any email campaign is the 80 / 20 rule. Most of the time, your information should be useful to the recipient and not just a direct effort to sell. This will make your emails more effective and maintain a positive opinion of you and your company. When an email campaign is performed properly, the benefits of email marketing will accrue to you quickly and in the long-term. Email can be a very powerful way to drive website traffic, generate sales, increase your reputation and even create new email leads. Be careful, be respectful, be above board and of course, use the most professional copywriting techniques in the content of your email to grab and keep their attention.

Among all the digital channels, email marketing proved to convert the most. However, running a random email campaign is not sufficient to achieve good conversion results of whether a vitrine site or an online shop. An effective campaign must be well prepared taking into consideration several aspects. Here are 5 steps to follow to excel in an email marketing strategy. 1. Knowing your target: Before promoting your services, products, or content via a newsletter, it is important to draw a profile of your targets. If needed, segment your audience according to different criteria like gender, countries, etc. Knowing who they are makes it easy for you to identify what interest them and curate the content of your newsletter accordingly. Let’s say you want to promote a “free shipping” offer on beauty products for a specific country, the segmentation allows you to communicate your message directly to women in this specific country.

Because of this it is important to keep your html as simple as possible. Its the only way to ensure your code will look good in all programs. If you are going to use CSS make sure you do it with inline CSS. Linked files wont work and will fail miserably. You want to use very little CSS and only for colors or fonts if necessary. Remember, you want to incorporate the CSS in a way that if it fails it isnt so bad! Also, keep in mind that when using CSS you need to embed it below the body tag ever time. Otherwise, it wont appear because many email applications that are browser based, like hotmail, Gmail, and the like, will take off the body, head, and html tags so they dont mix in with the actual web page. Remember, too, that a period cannot begin any of your HTML code or the lines of your email. This is important to keep in mind because quite a few email servers interpret this as the command for the end of the message.

One of the excellent ways to get connected and engaged with your clients is using social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. However, people claim that email marketing no longer remains effective and relevant because of the success of social media. Stop listening to them, as these are just misconceptions. Email marketing is still alive and doing well as one of the most effective and powerful techniques of online marketing and being in touch with your clients. Firstly, you must know what email marketing is, before moving towards the reasons explaining why it is so useful in business. When a person visits your website and thinks of subscribing to your mailing list with the aim to keep in touch with you through email, it is known as email marketing. A mailing list like this is quite important if you are selling a service or product. Email marketing enables you to build customer loyalty, earn trust and promote brand awareness while encouraging your subscribers to purchase from you more often. Email marketing has several benefits.

It is a good rule of thumb to always test your autorepsonders to make sure they are being delivered on time. This can be done by simply signing up for your own campaign so you receive the messages just as your readers would. At this time, it would be a good idea to proofread your message for grammar and simple errors you may have previously overlooked. If everything checks out, you can rest easy by knowing your content is at its best when you send HTML email. You can avoid a lot of spam accusations by honoring the request of all subscribers that request to be removed from your autoresponder list. In addition, you can make the process easier when you send HTML email by providing a link that allows the recipient to remove themselves. It is always a sad occasion when losing subscribers, but if they are not interested in your campaign, why even bother keeping them on the list?