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While the popularity of the iPhone certainly cannot be denied, there are those who are unable or unwilling to purchase iPhones. There are several good quality iPhone clones that fit the bill nicely. Basically, any phone that has a large touch-screen may be deemed an iPhone clone, but below is a discussion of the ten phones that most closely match the iPhone in more than just looks, but also in the features and applications that they provide. The Samsung Instinct looks very similar to the iPhone and includes a highly functional GPS system. It even surpasses the iPhone with a much faster data transfer rate. The Sony Xperia has a slightly wider screen than the iPhone and runs on Windows Mobile 6.1 which may be preferable for PC users. It is capable of running nine active desktops at the same time. It also differs from the iPhone in that it has a slide-out QWERTY keyboard.

Firstly remove the SIM tray – do this by inserting the paper clip in the hole on the topside of the iPhone next to the power button, when the clip is inserted, the SIM tray should eject. Next, use the case opener to remove the plastic back of the iPhone. Lay these two components next to the paper labels, after you have fitted the replacement screen into your iPhone you will need to reverse the order of these instructions to reassemble the iPhone. For this reason, I would suggest placing them furthest from you next to the aluminum paper label. The next step is to remove the two small screws on either side of the back securing the metal casing, and another screw located top, middle of where you removed the plastic back – placing these on the paper label. Once you have completed this, take the case opener again and carefully run it along both sides of the iPhone to loosen the back away from the frame – you will notice the metal back is secured by a wire ribbon, carefully detach this from the main section of the iPhone, not the metal back end.

Phone as sketchbook? Well it certainly beats the current 2.0 megapixel camera, which according to some iPhone reviews is nowhere near as good as its competitors. I acknowledge that 1 and 2 may have seemed somewhat gimmicky, but if I told you that it will soon be mandatory for students to own an iPhone in a similar way that we all had an abacus before 1970 would you believe me. At Aoyama Gakuin University students are being given iPhones to create a stronger network between them and their professors – and to ensure they attend classes. This follows recent plans at the University of Missouri School of Journalism that will ensure all have iPhones as practicing journos are taught 21st Century skills such as (according to The Guardian): ‘community management, user interface design, crowdsourcing, data mining,’ as well as being plugged into Twitter and Flickr. Finally, in the true spirit of communication, the latest development in the world of iPhone seems to be helping people talk. Unsurprising really, but I am not describing phone calls and text messages. For sufferers of Autism, Down Syndrome and Cerebral Palsy, speech aids have traditionally cost thousands of pounds and been difficult to carry around. However, an app developed in the US is allowing users to tap on-screen icons that relate and speak simple sentences ranging from requests to emotions.

If you have been looking into getting an iPhone but thinking about the price tag and additional contract costs have put you off then you might find this article rather informative. The fact of the matter is that you don’t need to lock in an 18 month contract which is the standard in the UK in order to get a fourth generation iPhone. Moreover, you don’t even need to pay for the phone itself if you know where to go. These days, many companies in the UK are aggressively looking for additional customers to whom they can market their products and services, that being the case you can sign up for a free trial of their services and once the free trial period is up, all you have to do is cancel your membership and claim your free gift for experiencing the service they had to offer.

But if these thing is important to you then you may need one to fulfill the not matter for connectivity or the fun. Then all you concern about is the price, actually there are a lot of good quality refurbished iPhones for you. It should this problem perfectly. If you do decide to buy one, then the next question for would be how to get one, what model can you buy. At this moment, the top of the line device is the iPhone 6s, but the older iPhone 6 and iPhone 5 models are still available online. You can even find old iPhone 4 models online, especially with those old or refurbished models. But the old model like iPhone 4 is just too out dated these days to run the kinds of software and programs that you’ll want and need, so it might not the right choice for you. If you have no budget problem they can get what you want from many channels, but if you have a low budget, there might some limitation for you. The new model might beyond you reach, but you can buy some refurbished IPhone of a relative old model. These phones can be good choice for a couple of reasons. Firstly, they can provide the wider range of model choice and there are no major problems about the phone. Plus buying a used iPhone can really save you a lot of money which you can use in many other ways to enrich your life.