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While organisations take their marketing efforts to social networking phenomena Facebook, here are some practices you can adopt to make your campaign a success. Marketing to Facebook users requires communicating to them, which works better than simply advertising your messages. In order to communicate with them, you should first understand these users. In the U.S alone, Facebook has 60 million users. ComScore reports that the average number of unique visitors to Facebook in a month circles around 150 million, of which half of these users return to the site daily. Faccebook projects that 75% of worldwide users will be outside of college. Based on findings from Nielsen and NetRatings, it has been observed from Facebook’s U.S users that just over half are female, almost 60% have some college education, 14% are non-white, 34% are working professionals holding executive, sales, education or technical posts, 12% are full time students and 12% have children under 16. Not surprisingly, Facebook internal data shows that users have aged over the past year, with a high percentage of older users now.

The fact that Facebook has more than 200 million members from around the world makes Facebook marketing a good choice for marketers. However, that does not mean that you should start without a plan. Here are some things you consider regarding Facebook marketing. After creating a Facebook account for your business, start promoting it by posting interesting content. Create a thriving community by encouraging your employees to get involved in discussions. The logic behind this is that you will want people to find you through their friends’ profiles and on-site searches. You would want to increase you members ‘virally’ to become a success on Facebook. Remember that Facebook pages can be indexed so make sure that you content is search engine optimized. Advertising on Facebook is a unique experience, because you can precisely target your audience down to their profile. Social ads and display ads are the two choices you have. You can purchase these ads like banners with CPC or CPM. You can use them as online banner ads but try avoiding this. Majority of Facebook users like to stay within the Facebook environment, so it’s better to direct them to a section on your fan page. The Facebook fan page design allows you to send visitors directly to a tab on your fan page since tabs have their own URLs. While Facebook is highly target and cheap, the company is very pick on how they ads to be displayed. They also leave editorial decisions up to individual editors, so why one editor may accept an ad, another might not. Read their terms of service and I recommend investing in a good guide that helps you navigate the Facebook system.

With your business fan page up and running on Facebook you will be ready to do business. You might have even launched ads to watch those who “like” your page grow. Even putting social plugins to work from your website you likely saw an increase in traffic and conversions. With these strategies in place you might have asked yourself, how can I get more? How can I tap into millions of more prospects online? Can Facebook give me more people interested in my business without going broke? If you were just to focus on Facebook Advertising it might seem hard to keep your business growing. 20,000) on just ads. Instead of focusing your efforts on just ads, or hoping for people to find your page, tap into the Marketplace of Facebook. The Marketplace is Facebook’s classified ad section. Facebook, less than 10% are currently using the classified ad section. Most people seem to still prefer going to Craigslist.

Facebook business page with the rationale to reach out to a wider audience is sure worth all the efforts since you get the chance to indulge in the conversation with your followers and achieve the optimum. Facebook is the new public accomplice now. People are well aware of it and they spend much of their time on hanging out on facebook rather than in a real place! So it has turned into something more than just a mere podium for exchange of ideas, it has become an increasingly interesting place for the networking purpose. Now that you can buy facebook fans, there is a great opportunity of turning the networking into a way of optimizing it for promotional purposes. Being on facebook means, being there, right on the stage, and the possibility remains, provided the right tactful techniques, you may or maynot get the maximum exposure but in these times, it is important to reign the social networks so there is the easy and economic way out:buy Facebook fans.

Facebook fan page is not the single answer to Facebook marketing. There are other secret tricks to use Facebook for business. The article gives 5 powerful tips to promote your brand on Facebook. Businesses need to have a special strategy for social media marketing, specially for Facebook marketing. Also, there are many tools and features on Facebook for business. Facebook profile: The Facebook profile will help you to fill up basic company information. Facebook gives you provision to upload unlimited images and videos to do continuous brand presence among its followers. Extended network: It is the simplest and oldest technique for any doing any social media marketing. Just increase your network. More customers in your network mean better business promotion. In Facebook marketing, it is good to see that people sending you Friend Request on a regular basis. Facebook business pages: Facebook business page or fan page is the ultimate branded page on this networking site.