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So I went home defeated after collecting only a measly 25 cents. My mom consoled me, then asked why I didn’t bring the ice. Wahla, tomorrow would be a great day when I bring the ice. Without it, that lemonade gets warm fast in Mississippi. On day 2, things got a little better. 6 hours in the sun and 8 sales. I was hooked forever. The coolest of any liquid with ice produced a few customers. On day 3, I got a little more business savvy witht bigger cups, added a little more ice, kept using the same amount or maybe even less lemonade product, and made 12 sales. Now I was in forever. An entrepreneur was born. A few more tweaks along the way, a little more sugar (even tried artificial sugar), a different brand of lemonade and I was averaging over 20 sales per day. The artificial sugar was not a big hit with my southern folks. They like it sweet and natural. So, what does a lemonade stand have to do with split-testing and facebook ads? I use those same lessons I learned as a curious kid selling lemonade today in my online business. As a business owner we are always looking to create a product that meets demand and at the same time produce the most profit right? With my facebook ads (I currently average about 1-2 cents per click) I always use two different images when I place an ad. I test those two images for a day or two and see which one performs the best. The one that works the best is scaled up from $5 per day to $10 per day and I eliminate the one that didn’t get as many clicks. I use that image exclusively for a while, then try to find something better that converts higher. I remember that lessons I learned as a 10 year old kid selling lemonade. There is always a better way.

Facebook is one of the most widely used websites there is of existence today. In fact, almost 500 million people all over the planet use it every day, making it one of the biggest places online to ever see such heavy traffic. Being an entrepreneur, you need to take advantage of such market. This is why Facebook marketing has been conceived and is now one of the social media marketing techniques most preferred by online business owners in promoting their ventures and selling their goods. However, business social marketing is not that much of an easy feat. There are a good number of things you will need to remember before you can ensure yourself a hit campaign. 1. Never flood your friends’ feeds with repeated promotional posts. If you have something new to sell or say, you should never post it over and over again. This can get you in a lot of trouble.

You can simply float an idea and see what kind of response it gathers. You can then make a more informed and tested business decision. When your fans post a question or comment on your Facebook Page, make sure you acknowledge it. Make it a point to respond to questions and feedback almost immediately. It will let them know that you value their opinion and are listening to what they have to say. If someone posts a complaint or negative feedback, waste no time to address their concerns and reassure them of a relevant solution. This goes a long way in building trust and gaining the confidence of your audience. Don’t make the process overtly complex for your fans or else they will lose interest and won’t respond at all. A simple and seamless procedure encourages them to participate and contribute. Disclaimer : Sabra Easterday is the founder and managing member of MatchB2B. Sabra is also a lawyer with a special interest in business issues and e-marketplaces. Notwithstanding that Sabra is a lawyer, nothing in this article and no services of MatchB2B or its website are legal services and no attorney-client relationship exists between any reader of this article or user, customer or potential customer of MatchB2B, and MatchB2B, its website or Sabra Easterday.

These plug-ins eliminate the version of WordPress from your source code. Hackers try to exploit challenges of your version of WordPress, so by eliminating the version of WordPress from your code, it is extremely difficult for automated attacks to target your blog. 3. When you try and login to WordPress with the incorrect password, it generates a response. These automated systems look for those responses in an attempt to hack your blog. These plug-ins remove that response completely. Instead they jingle or blink the login screen so you, as the user, know you have the wrong password, but a machine or a software tool would not know that, therefore, automated hacking attempts are reduced. Four hundred and eighty-eight million people are using Facebook mobile every month. That is bigger than the entire population of the United States. Additionally, three hundred million pictures are uploaded to Facebook every single day. Close to a billion members take pictures and upload them to Facebook using their smart phone.

When you intend to market on Facebook then it’s vital that you learn the appropriate Facebook marketing tactics if you wish to be successful. Facebook is widely used by internet users which would imply that there’s plenty of potential for companies and also marketers all over the world. The most vital secret to marketing on Facebook is the need to be oneself. Don’t try to be someone who you aren’t. Be loose and easygoing. In case you’re selling a business and then make certain that you are being careful when you use Facebook marketing techniques. Don’t merely post updates about your online business all of the time. Most people would like to know who you are before they wish to learn about your business opportunity. Through motivating visitors to “Like” your page as a way to obtain a free trial offer, free voucher or perhaps particular information, it is possible to drastically improve fan conversions. Keep in mind that Facebook isn’t a location for that you boldly promote your products.