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Energy has always been indispensable to people’s lives and has attracted a lot of attention from investors who seek to profit from the world’s seemingly unquenchable thirst for energy. Currently almost 90 percent of the world’s total energy needs are met by fossil fuels such as crude oil, natural gas, and coal. For a number of reasons- economical, ecological, political, the trend is to feed humanity’s energy needs from sources other than fossil fuels. Consequently, alternative energy sources such as biofuel, wind, and solar are gaining popularity. The miracle of coal, oil, and gas came with a hidden price- global warming. Despite of all benefits those fossil fuels provide, environmentalists are expressing increasing concern about carbon rich lifestyles. The environmentally friendly, cleaner and sustainable alternative of the hazardous fuels is alternative energy. Renewable energy encompasses the range of options that can be pursued to make the world a better place to live.

In the Caribbean, PV solar systems are already getting close to the cost of generating electricity from fossil sources because of the intense sunshine and high cost of diesel, Once the production cost of PV solar systems further decreases, they will create savings for their owners. This will likely induce a massive breakthrough. An even more awarding source of solar energy in the Caribbean is the solar water heater. 50 gallon system. In many cases they pay for themselves in 2-3 years. Yet, they are far from popular. An aspect specific to solar systems in the Caribbean is protection against hurricanes. In affected areas, proper measures need to be taken. PV systems should best be covered with plywood panels, ready to fit. Solar water heaters should either be covered or taken out in case of a hurricane. While all this requires attention in designing the setup, the good news is that the related cost is not significant. Using water force as an energy source is not new. Some countries, such as Canada, rely heavily on hydro power. Clearly, the availability is limited to specific areas.

Since there is a shortage of fossil fuels, it made us look forward to this option again. This is definitely the best option as compared to the fossil fuels with smoke left into air, thus polluting the environment. • Wind power: This type of energy has been used since many years. It can generate energy sources that can replace the use of fossil fuel for generating electricity. Wind power is the major source of energy that has the capacity to supply more than the current energy consumption worldwide. • Hydroelectric Energy: This also called as hydropower that is generated with the water cycle. This is not that much renewable as compared to other sources. It becomes more expensive to make the hydroelectric energy renewable. • GeoThermal Power: It is energy from Earth and the main source of energy is heat, that contained inside the earth. This is more renewable as it is available in abundance and can definitely replace the existing fuel usage. It can reduce the dependence on fossil fuel and can be utilized anywhere, thus resulting in reduced energy costs. Though it is available in abundance, there are several problems that are preventing us from the usage of this Geothermal energy.

Do you know how to cut your monthly energy bills by up to 80% and meanwhile stop the reliance on big companies to provide electric energy, by producing your own cheap electricity right at your home? The problem with today’s energy situation is, that the demand for energy is growing exponentially, as is the population of the world. The resources needed to generate this energy on the other hand are being decimated at a very rapid pace though. Relying on these outdated means of energy production would therefore be a fatal mistake. So what is the solution? Well, you know it. Alternative energy systems of course. Wind power and solar/photovoltaic energy generators have actually become rather popular these days! But what is the problem with these green energy sources? They are simply too expensive! Who can afford those huge up-front investments needed to install a few solar panels on their roofs? Furthermore, these alternative energy systems depend completely on the weather situation. If it’s a cloudy day without any wind, which can be quite often, depending on where you live, these green energy sources will not produce ANY energy for you!

Green Energy, this is the common term that we are listening to these days as there are many awareness programs that are concentrating on green energy. The main intention of these programs is to make us aware of green energy and different ways to reduce the dependence on fossil fuels. Green energy emerges from different natural sources like wind, sunlight, plants, light and much more. All these resources are renewable and can show a smaller impact on the environment than compared with fossil fuels. It utilizes the resources that are available in this world such that it replaces fossil fuels in all major areas such as electricity and water. There are different types of green energy. • Solar Energy: This is the most common form of energy that relies on sunlight. The energy from sunlight can be collected and be used in different ways. Electricity can be generated from the captured sunlight. Though the solar energy has higher potential, but it was left behind as fossil fuels were made available at an affordable price than solar energy.