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This gives you the opportunity to continue advertising to them, in case they don’t convert instantly, avoiding the waste of a paid lead. These three popular Facebook advertising methods are used every day by many successful companies. Facebook advertising has become one of the newest, most effective ways to not only gain new clients, but also stay connected to them and keeping your business dynamic and fresh. There are many more social media websites that offer advertising applications. PPC application and Meetup or ASmallWorld have other social features that allow people to advertise. Where to advertise depends on your business. Social media marketing, even just Facebook Marketing, is time consuming, requires planning and maintaining, so make sure you got the right social media marketing experts on your team. PPC – Stands for Pay-Per-Click and is a method used by various websites as an advertising method, where advertisers pay every time someone clicks on their link. This is one of the methods used by Google AdWords, Facebook Advertising, LinkedIn and various other websites to make it more affordable for advertisers. Find out more about search engine marketing.

First of all you are going to need a Facebook account. This should be self-explanatory and certainly essential when it comes to Facebook Marketing, duh. Once you are signed up, you need to create a Personal Page, a Fan Page, and a Group Page. There are excellent instructions on Facebook about the creation of each page. There is not much SEO involved. Then you need to set up your pages properly. And here is where Facebook Marketing actually begins. Each page needs to have an attractive, interesting, energetic picture of YOU. Remember that this is a social media site, people want to connect to people not to organizations or companies. Then you need to fill out the bio information, do not leave it blank, tell people something about you as a person, give them something to connect to, whether it is your children, your love for pets, your hobbies, anything, just show them that you are human.

People can however learn from the first companies and individuals who are successfully using this method. If you happen to be one of the people who haven’t yet tried Facebook and wouldn’t know where to begin, you are not on your own. Check out what other companies and individuals do on Facebook. This is a great way to familiarise with the concept. You will notice some simply put up a fan page related to the brand to build and grow interest. The fan page is where things like status updates and picture posting begin engaging interested. Through these techniques, many marketers get to know what goes on in their customers’ minds. Don’t fall into the trap of bombarding fans with sales jargon and special offers. Remember Facebook is a social network and you are beginning and maintaining a relationship with your fans. The social networking side of Facebook sets it apart from traditional advertising, as it is very interactive and multifaceted. The ways for growing your brand are endless. Another positive thing to note is that putting up a page on Facebook is free. This is great if you are beginning in business or have a small budget. Placing an ad on Facebook can cost as little as £20 and this can increase custom no end. Facebook marketing is about being creative, as is traditional advertising and marketing, however, bear in mind that not everything that works in a newspaper or on television will work on Facebook. You are moving into the online, social networking world, which requires a new set of skills.

Its one of useful Facebook marketing tips. Your Facebook page does not have the same ads as your friends facebook page because you have different interests. It’s important to have your own proper marketing strategy with good Facebook marketing tips if you want to succeed in marketing on Facebook. More and more people spend time on Facebook today and Google is the only site in the world that gets more traffic then Facebook. If you know how to market a business on Facebook effectively, success is definitely in your arm. You had better set up a business account that’s separate from your personal account. Setting up a fan page will help you increase your visibility and brand yourself as a leader. You will easily share your business opportunity on your page. Fan pages also rank very well in the search engines, so if you run your page well and make it popular, there’s a good chance that your fan page could show up on the first page of Google. The third of Facebook marketing tips is to bid higher. When you submit your ads, you have to wait for approval of Facebook for your ads. If you place a very high bid, Facebook will give you a faster approval. And then, you can change your bid rate once your ad is approved. However, if your ads aren’t being approved for a long time, then you’re losing on precious time that you can use to test out ads. Facebook is growing by leaps and bounds, but if you want to get the most out of it, you must be a smart advertiser that knows how to text ads in order for it to work.