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Mobile marketing is a quite new phenomenon in the sphere of communication. Mobile telephony and technology started getting its momentum since 2000 AD only. In last ten years, it has been advanced in giant leaps. Quick shifts in technological aspects have been changing degree of reaches of mobile communication, and hence, mobile marketing. Emergence of new techniques and methods and their subsequent mergers has exponentially enhanced the evolution path of mobile communication and consequently marketing through various channels in this new medium. Obviously with the shift in technology, prevailing legislation seem insufficient. Mobile technology has opened path of marketing through text and multimedia messages, voice calls, Bluetooth and Internet. It helped mobile marketing penetrating consumers as wide as deep as it has never been. Also, it has been imposing threats to user’s privacy. To guard consumers’ right to privacy, legislation’s have being framed globally. But these efforts are facing challenges everyday as technology shifts in mobile telephony quite fast. Considering the quick shifts in mobile technology, the future legislation’s need to be neutral to such changes. Avoiding severity of interpretation and application of rules to prevent nipping a promising industry in bud. For the sake of growth of the industry of mobile marketing, consumers’ trust is a prerequisite. To get consumers in confidence, consumers’ confidence regarding their privacy must be guarded. Wooing of unsolicited messages. All of these threats are quite personal. If they are not taken care off with utmost sincerity, consumers may lose confidence in mobile marketing. Legislation’s should help service providers to assure protection of consumers’ privacy. It is now matter of sometime. Once legislation’s will come in force, skepticism on mobile marketing may wane away gradually.

Mobile technology is here to stay and professional writers, coaches, consultants and even brick and mortar companies can generate a highly effective and profitable income using a well thought out mobile marketing campaign. Lets think about it we have almost replaced wrist watches with the convenience of a cell phones clock. Even more importantly you will have the ability to receive nearly instant responses all using the convenience of this new and exciting communication medium. So what are some examples of a Mobile Marketing Campaign? Text Alerts – Create text alerts can provide you with automated alerts to customers who text in with a keyword to you at a time you decide fore example. Whether your a coach, consultant or a fitness gym that wants to provide special discounts or event alerts, bad weather or maybe your a martial arts team that wants to provide the up to the minute competition results. Voting – Maybe you would like to know which of your products your consumers like best, thats easy to do just have them send an SMS to one or another number and you can easily tabulate the results. Again your options for creating comparison voting campaigns is really limited only by your imagination. Contests – Thats right you can actually create highly popular competitions, remember everyone likes a winner. Just set up a prize and have the contestants use a keyword to optin and then just pick a random winner. Survey – Just setup a couple of keyword numbers and announce the options to your facebook followers for example. Than just tabulate the results. You could even put up a poster at your deli and ask your customers to participate as they wait for their order to be completed.

Very many people all over the world use mobile phone for various communications and social purposes. To maximize satisfaction derived from its use, people prefer internet enabled cell phones with web browsers. This allows an individual to apply a cell phone in all social and business needs. Among other fields this development in communication industry has led to the evolution of real estate mobile marketing. This evolution works as follows. The application of short message services or text messaging has made it easier for communication between home sellers and prospective buyers. This has allowed a prompt and immediate delivery of an inquiry investigation of information about an estate. It is even easier with the introduction of automated messaging services that operate and reply customers automatically on any inquiries one makes. The use of mobile web has also enabled home seekers and sellers to communicate. Since most phones have access to the internet and very many people have access to internet as compared to those accessing the net via computers.

It will allow you to create any thing from simple, one way SMS campaigns to fully interactive multi media campaigns. The software will give you full control over your communications as well as giving you full access to the latest technology. Managing an interactive messaging campaign would be almost impossible to do manually. Mobile marketing campaign software has the ability to effectively manage interactive campaigns by generating personalized, targeted responses. Using fairly simple rules, the software is able to generate a personalized response based on your clients reply. This function will ensure that your message has a positive effect on each customer that you choose to target. The next – and perhaps most powerful function – is the ability of campaign software to control how you target your marketing. Mobile campaign software gives you the ability to integrate your campaign with existing email systems, contact databases or CRM platforms. It will also give you the ability to manually upload and manage contacts through the software interface. The main advantage of the software is that using this contact information it is able to target recipients based on any number of characteristics. It is then able to test these groups to ensure the success of a campaign when it is fully executed. Another very powerful function of mobile marketing campaign software is its ability to establish the best time to execute a campaign, and execute it to the minute. Mobile marketing campaign software is an incredibly powerful marketing tool. Though it does provide state of the art content generation and management tools, its main advantage is its analytical ability. Using this type of software will ensure that every message you send to your customers is well targeted, well received, and fruitful.

If you have started a new business and are seeking ways to promote your product or service, mobile marketing can be a very useful tool for you. As entrepreneurs and business owners are always seeking affordable and effective ways to perk up their profits, this method of advertising can just be the right option. Thanks to the mobile technology that has made marketing through mobile phones possible. SMS marketing has emerged as one of the most effective ways to promote your business. Compared to the traditional marketing methods such as using billboards, newspaper ads, TV ads etc; using mobile marketing is more useful as well as cost effective. The reason for the growing popularity of mobile marketing is that mobile phone users have continuously been increasing. About 90% of the U.S. Cell Phone P-population makes use of SMS/Text. You would be surprised to know that about 95% of all SMS messages are read as soon as they are sent. It means that if you would sent out SMS promoting your product or service, there are 100% chances of it being read. This way you can introduce your company or product/service directly to your target audience.

Aside from targeting a large number of potential customers, mobile marketing also give you much savings on both time and money. Among the many benefits of having to use mobile marketing is the fact that it surely gets to reach a huge potential market of your business. You will definitely get big savings on time and money in the sense that you need not have to write individual messages to all your prospective clients or customers. This will definitely make it easier for your businesses to strengthen and establish a direct relationship with your customers through their mobile phones. With this kind of marketing tool, it is much fast and easier for you to send bulk business messages to as many customers and clients you wish to reach out. Now, being equipped with this knowledge about mobile marketing, do not you think it would be a good marketing tool to boost sales for your business? Would you not like to have the comforts of reaching to as many possible customers with a single message sent in bulk to your target market? The choice is all on your shoulders now. If you think this marketing tool is great for your business then try to grab the opportunity and try to boost your business potentials with mobile marketing.