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You need mobile marketing now if you are a marketer and an advertiser. New mobile marketing strategies that work. Why cell phone marketing in the first place? How many mobile phone users there are in the world right now? There are around 4.3 billion cell phone users in the world at this moment. Compare this with 1.5 billion internet users. You see mobile marketing is three time bigger in size than internet marketing. Google also started its mobile search advertising on its Google AdWords Platform last year. Google expects a lot of searches on its mobile search. Now around the world, the most popular device is the cell. Most of the people who use the cell phones in the poor countries are not even literate but they know how to use their cells. This should give you the idea that cell phone marketing is a totally different sort of marketing as compared to ordinary marketing or for that matter even internet marketing. Can you do cell phone marketing? Sure you can but you will have to try some new strategies to succeed. Just like what happened in internet marketing when the big companies and corporations saw the immense marketing potential of internet, they jumped in and stole the show from ordinary marketers like you and me. Same is about to happen in this area also. Big companies and corporations realize the immense potential of mobile market so they are ready to pounce. You have to move before them! Learn mobile marketing strategies today!

Once the App is live, the control panel is handed over so that additional features can be added and complete control of the App is in the hands of the business owner. This is ideal for those who don´t have the time to learn App building, want to ensure that their App is accepted in the stores, but want to be in control of their own App and don´t wish to pay for a service contract. Fully Customized: These Apps are built for you, customized to your needs and often run for you. They are ideal for business owners who don´t have the time to learn about App building, but understand the advantages of mobile marketing. This is by far the most expensive option. The two leading platforms or operating systems are Apple and Android. In order to market to the largest number of people, you will want to ensure that your App is built on both of these platforms which can dramatically increase your costs.

A competitive edge is what businesses are looking for in today’s market. This is where mobile marketing for business comes in. Mobile marketing is an essential tool especially when you are looking to drive traffic to your online business site. There are several modes of operation of mobile marketing for business. These include click to call, click to map, and SMS texting and push notifications. By integrating mobile technology into your site, you not only reach your clients more quickly but you also get to more people faster than any other marketing method and at a fraction of the huge cost encountered when you use other marketing strategies. Click to call is more or less the integration of a call button on your site page. This call button allows customers to call you from anywhere in the world. The click to call button can also be a gateway to chatting online or texting one on one with the interested client.

It is better to avoid the Flash technology presently to avoid unnecessary problem. Fortunately with new html5 formatting, websites can adjust like a chameleon. According to various studies, web traffic from mobile devices increased 110% in North America over the past year and 148% globally. Although it is currently only a small portion of overall Web traffic, the development is quite dramatic and as more people upgrade to smartphones, this growth will only continue. You ain’t observed nothing yet. Mobile web’s share of page views in North America should increase a full percentage point to 2.3% going into 2011. The global mobile share should increase from 0.95% to over 1.8% as new devices from manufacturers like Apple, Samsung, Motorola, HTC and BlackBerry aid fuel this growth. The iPhone is not the only consideration today. Recent trends show that emerging competitors such as Android are making major inroads. Recently page views from the Droid in North America overtook RIM’s Blackberry. The Droid now has over 12% of the North American page views within the mobile arena. How does it affect your business? You should be prepared for mobile visitors now and you need to be mobile savvy.

Their in-store experience will weigh heavily on their ultimate decision. Also, not every customer is going to follow the mobile trend – traditional shoppers still account for a large portion of the target demographic and should be considered when making changes to an in-store experience. 6) More than 90% of Apple’s iOS apps are free. While brands are tempted to charge a nominal fee to download their app, they need to keep in mind that free apps still generate money. Whether they run ads, allow in-app purchases or prompt users to upgrade to a better quality, ad-free version, advertisers can still see revenue with a free app. Users are more likely to download a free app with little hesitation whereas they might reconsider installing one for which they have to pay. 7) Mobile users are more loyal than traditional website users. As such, brands can monopolize customers by establishing loyalty programs.