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These bloggers create a dialog or conversation about their special area of interest and invite others to participate via their blog. The third kind of blogger is the business blogger. There are many levels of business blogging or making money from blogging. It starts with something simple – for example, you might be an artist looking for a way to start selling art on the internet. A blog is a great way to promote yourself and your art. You can discuss art, your passion, you can talk about the meaning of your paintings and you can also talk about the work of other artists that you like and promote their work as well. Then, of course on a completely different level there are the people that call themselves professional bloggers. Whether they are selling their own products and services, or simply selling other peoples products, they treat their blog as a business.

The important point to note is consistency. It’s better to be consistent with your blog posts rather than update 5 times in one week and then again three weeks later. You’d be better off, updated once per week every week on a regular basis. The search engines favour consistent regular blog posts as opposed to erratic posting. 3. Create backlinks through social networking sites. Building backlinks to your blog is an important aspect in achieving high search engine rankings. The more backlinks you have to your blog, the quicker you’ll move up the rankings for SEO purposes. It’s best to start off using sites like Facebook and HubPages to begin creating backlinks to your site. The search engines are continuously crawling these sites for new content. 4. Ping your blog after every post. A ping is used to notify the search engines you have posted fresh new content to your blog. It works in a similar way to submitting your website to the search engines. Sites like Pingomatic and Pingler allow you to submit your blog post every time you provide new content on your blog, hence improving your SEO rankings. 5. Post a tweet on Twitter for every new post you make. If you haven’t signed up for Twitter yet, I’d suggest you definitely look into it. By building a list of followers on Twitter, you can fully leverage your blog posts by updating your Twitter account every time you make a new post. There is a specific plugin you can find for WordPress that will Tweet your blog post automatically.

Gradually, it shaped up into a variety of blogs, fashion, lifestyle, beauty, finance and nature blogs to name a few. When you finally decide that you want to have your own website, you will also have to decide whether it is a hobby or a career for you. As a hobby it gives you more feeling of independence to make a decision as per you like. As a career, it is altogether a different thing from a hobby, for making a career from your own website is a little bit complex than just simply blogging as a hobby. There are a few things required to call a career as a career. A career should help you make a living, pay your bills and allow yourself to buy a house. If your goal is to make a career from it then you will have to update your website more frequently and with planning each and every aspect related to it. You will have to go through the technical aspects of your website too apart from updating it.

Rob Benwell has just released Version 2 of his highly acclaimed Blogging To The Bank package. In Blogging To The Bank 2, Rob has developed a new and improved step-by-step manual that is chocked full of his methods for earning as much as $34,000 per month from blogs. Blogging To The Bank 2 is a very well written ebook that features some great tips and strategies that anyone can use to make a substantial income using blogs. 1. Long-Term Profits – In most of the blogging courses being sold on the internet, the techniques being taught only result in short term profits. Meaning, you make money from them but after awhile it dies down to a slow trickle of profits. In Rob’s new ebook, he shows you how to get profits that will last a lot longer. 2. Proof – Blogging To The Bank 2 has been tested against the most popular blogging courses and software to determine just how it stacks up.

With now more then 35 million blogs on the internet or as it is now called the blogosphere or blogscape, it is time to work out how to blog correctly.If you don’t know the advantages of running your own blog I suggest you read my other article “The Power of Blogging”. It has an insight into the pros and cons of running your own blog. So let’s get to it! You have got your self a blog, it might be from my company (Able Net Design) or from somewhere else. You have been making regular posts but you just don’t seem to be getting any traffic. Well there are two reasons for not getting traffic. One is easily fixed and the other well is quite difficult. Ok so the two reasons why you are not getting traffic are. Know one can find your blog, and the other know one is interested in what you are writting. Which do you think is the easy one.