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So if you want to talk to somebody, have eye contact, but make sure that you smile. It disarms people. If you held eye contact too long, they would kill you. Whenever we talk about the way we equate eye contact with veracity, we always preface it by saying, in Western cultures, we assign a lot of value to eye contact because we equate looking people in the eye with telling the truth

Go to those delivered by men and women as well. Make your presentations much more conversational and your um and uh will disappear. Download audio clips of speeches and stories and listen to them

There are many organizations that specialize in offering training programs tailor-made to your specific speaking needs ranging from simple stage fear, speech disorders and voice modulation. Public speaking skills are not only used in situation where you have to address a large group of people. There are also many online courses that will give you useful tips on how to prepare and deliver a speech. Delivering your main message. Pausing will also break the audience out of their potential daydream and bring them back to you

Unfortunately not all people do have the luxury of time in attending public speaking classes or training especially the working people. Public speaking is a powerful way for a solo professional or small business owner to market your business. You can practice for hours, and still be scared stiff the second you see the stage

I advise that you take this notion of confidence not just into your public speaking efforts, but into all areas of your life, because it will provide you with specific actions that you can take to become more confident in any area. ” Never read your presentation. It was a fate worse than a fate worse than death and for me because the fear of public speaking is tied up with the humiliation involved when your ‘loved-ones’, people who really ought to know better, hold on to this nugget of information knowing that they can use it against you at any time, now or in the future. ” According to a University of Minnesota study, when you stand in presenting your ideas, you are more believable, credible and persuasive