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Sure, I see plenty of reaction – but everybody reacts, does it regularly and makes things worse rather than better. Reaction will, at the very best, simply give you more of the same. And more of the same simply will not do. So, put down your self help books, throw away your positive thinking and ask yourself this searching question? What action could you take today that would make your life better? Be clear, I am not asking you what would make you feel better – I’m asking what will actually make a positive difference in your life – one that will provide you with ongoing lasting benefit. Not knowing your life, I’ve no idea whether something major needs to be done or, perhaps, it’s just something small. But I do know this – I am constantly questioning myself, challenging myself and ensuring that I keep taking the little and large actions that need to be taken to push – yes, you’ve got to push yourself – my life in the right direction.

If you are 45, your timeline will be very different than if you are 25. If you want to be a doctor, you will need to get started sooner than some other careers because it takes longer. If you want to start your own dog walking business, you can be working tomorrow. Honest timelines are an important part of your personal development plan. Step 3 will be where you start developing your personal development plan and putting things on paper. This is also where you will separate needs from wishes and wishes from dreams. If you have a debilitating fear of commitment, you really will need to address that before you can do anything else. Mainly because you need to commit to this plan. If you still have issues with your parents that you carry around, you are going to need to handle them. You can’t write the chapters of your future until you stop re-reading the chapters of the past. If you want to own a G-6, that’s great but there are a few steps in between.

On the other hand personal growth and development is all about taking on new challenges and learning new things! When this does occur there is a fundamental shift in out mindset that results with our confidence level growing. This is due not only to having increased our knowledge but also knowing that we can successfully expand our horizons thereby making other unexplored frontiers more attractive. Our fears and hesitations have now evolved into hopes and anticipation! Taking chances is no longer viewed as a risk but rather a challenge to better both ourselves and our business prospects! Anything is now possible! Adding to what you already know gives you an entirely different perspective in terms of the way you think! Possessing a broader view of things enables you to consider and/or recognize possibilities that you probably would not have seen otherwise! This not only helps to enrich your personal life but just as importantly it opens up new avenues professionally as well! Whether it may be new business skills or just a different way of viewing situations, the chances for increasing your entrepreneurial success now exists! When growing a business online it is always important to NEVER overlook your own personal growth and development! The only way you can expect to be successful marketing online is to invest in yourself to increase your own business skills! In doing so not only does your knowledge base and skill sets increase but your mindset evolves as well! When you empower yourself in this way, as the discussion above addresses, it allows you to think more expansively! With a mindset like this you are now more inclined to make decisions that may have formerly been perceived as risks but are necessary for growth and prosperity!

On my ongoing quest for personal growth, I’m always on the lookout for new personal development tools that I can include in my broader goals program. Sometimes I come across tools that are completely ineffective but every now and then I find those rare gems that really accelerate my personal development. Here are just a few that I would like to share with you. See if you can incorporate these into your set of personal development tools. 1. Daily Exercise & Visualization. This personal development tool is hands down the most effective tool that I have ever used. Listen, writing down your goals and rarely reviewing them results in zero progress. To make sure you will hit your goal or visibly develop as a person you have to program your goals and personal development objectives into your mind every single day! If you really want to boost the effectiveness of this programming, do it first thing in the morning and couple it with a brisk outdoor exercise.

A lot of success stories can be attributed to personal development courses people take. These courses teach us what we’ve possibly missed out on during our years as students. Others may say that these courses don’t really help much to enrich our careers or our personal lives, but many have already proven that these courses have a lot to offer people in terms of self awareness and developing our talents and potentials. These development courses don’t focus on just one aspect of our lives. If we, as individuals are able to get to know ourselves better, we will be able to identify our strengths and weaknesses and have the chance to do something about our lives. Whether it is to develop our skills and talents to be able to live up to our potential, or just to grow as a person, we can all benefit from a lesson or two.

I can promise you this. If you can be the best you, you will be well liked by others, despite your identity. People want to experience who you really are, and when that happens, you’ll be surrounded by people who will love to hang out with you, and you’ll be able to develop your character further. How’s that for self growth? This final personal development aspect deals with talents that you have, not talents that others have but you don’t. Why do I say that? Because if you admire others for a talent that they have but you don’t, you might be tempted to pursue that talent though you don’t have it. That will sabotage your self growth, so be careful. Everyone has a God-given talent, including you. And for you to have a healthy self growth, develop those God-given talents. You’ll realize that you’ll be able to develop your talents much faster and much more easily than others because it’s God-given. Sometimes, it takes a while before you discover what your talents are, so don’t be afraid to try new things. You might just discover what your talents are if you choose to be open about discovering new things. So there you have it, the 3 personal development aspects for effective self growth. Keep them in mind and remember to include them in your self growth plan for a healthy development of your life.