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Small changes made in the past have a huge impact on events, people and outcomes in his present. He decides that he can change things for the better and continues to make these trips back in time so that he can make different decisions and perform different actions. As he makes these changes to his past he finds that the present he returns to has changed radically for him and everyone else who is connected with him and the other people involved! Now this fantastic film is not just entertaining it is, in fact, enlightening. This launched me into deep thought as to how this phenomenon could be used to successfully change my life and the lives of others. But before we go into these let’s take a closer look at the buttery fly effect to see what it is. The butterfly effect was discovered in the early 1960’s by Edward Lorenz, an American mathematician and meteorologist. Its official and technical name is “sensitive dependence on initial conditions”.

Make the decision now to watch how you are feeling, especially when you are concentrated on your goals and desires. When you feel bad and are experiencing negative emotions it is a sign that your thinking is in the wrong direction. Feeling bad is an indication that you are focused on the things in life that you do not want. If you are feeling good then you are focused on the benefits of actually having what you want. You always get more of what you focus on even quantum physics is now telling us this! So, use your emotions to gauge how you are feeling and if you are feeling bad then begin immediately to change your thoughts to the opposite. Focus on what you want until you begin to feel good. Through persistence you will thus condition yourself for success. Don’t try to force the issue by trying to work out every little detail of how you are going to achieve your desires. Just by focusing on them you set in motion powerful forces that will bring people, situations and circumstances that will open up opportunities for achieve what you want.

This article explores the link between personal development and lucid dreaming. First it looks at the need for personal developmental and then it discusses the power of the subconscious mind. From there it shows how lucid dreaming could be used to assist personal development. Personal growth or development and self help as terms do not seem to hold the spirit of what is truly involved close to heart. Maybe self improvement as phrase is a bit softer on the tongue but still does not capture the true essence required. Self help and self improvement is many things to many people but in essence looks to quality of life as an assessable yardstick by which to develop, measure and improve personal performance and awareness. Now quality of life, again, can be many things to many people. But lets just say for those of us sitting in front of a screen reading this commentary probably looks more to the elements around happiness and the meaning of life rather than the quality or quantity of the food, clothes or shelter in our lives.

Once you have successfully performed your personal development research you should have learned about your goal. By studying the lives of those who have already achieved it you will find that in the majority of cases these people encountered many problems – the bigger the goal, the bigger the problems in most cases. Learn from their personal development trials and tribulations. Anticipate how you may encounter problems and how you will deal with them. Or, better still, move in a direction that minimizes the “need” for problems in the first place. Create a solid personal development plan that will bring you your goal. Set smaller objectives and break them down into yearly, monthly, weekly and daily stepping-stone goals. After a small personal development stepping-stone goal has been achieved it should have taken you at least one step closer to your final objective. This is real personal development! Be realistic about your expectations in each personal development step – do not bite off more than you can chew! Keep stepping-stone goals and the timescales for their completion realistic. Small steps taken everyday are much better than giant strides every month! Use personal development techniques to keep yourself motivated. Visualize yourself with your goal everyday. Evoke the strong positive emotion that you identified in step 1 and really feel it as you visualize. This is one of the most powerful personal development tricks you can use and should not be underestimated! I have given you 6 personal development steps that are essential for success. Takes these steps and you’ll experience success. Good luck in your personal development!

In personal development, and in life, one of the main goals is to achieve happiness. What often stand in the way are negative emotions such as anger or sadness, and any personal development quest requires you to deal with this. This series of articles gives some innovative and practical information on how. In personal development, one of the main goals is to achieve happiness. What often stands in the way are negative emotions that linger on. Most people have some of these emotions, either repressed or lasting with no outlet. Some are low level, some are strong. Recognising that you have this sadness or anger bottled up inside you, or dealing with lower level emotions are articles that can be found on the Urban Monk website. I am focusing on letting out anger on this article because I feel it is one of the worst. It is crippling; it colours everything you do in your life and is often linked with depression. I used to suffer from massively pent-up emotions; while I was often described as a teddy bear guy, I had massively pent-up anger and to a lesser extent, sadness. When I blew up, I blew up.

To survive in this challenging business environment, you have to improve your personal and leadership skills. Realising that personal development and leadership abilities are interrelated is the first step towards being self-aware and working to recognise your full potential. In order to be an able leader, you need to have a positive outlook. Personal development enables you to introduce positive changes in your life and look at things from an optimistic angle. Why is it significant to improve your leadership abilities and personal skills? Leadership skill is an indispensable requirement of attaining success in career and remaining ahead of your competitors. To be able to leverage the opportunities coming your way and to establish your credibility as a competent leader, you must possess the right skills and aptitude needed for the same. By improving your leadership abilities and personal skills, you will be able to gain confidence and develop the perspective required to face any situation or overcome any challenge aptly.