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One of my mentors always said, “Your mind cannot differentiate between listening to an actual conversation or listening to an audio.” Therefore, our minds actually believe that we are having the conversation in person when listening to an audio. 2) Read daily. When you start to read daily and absorb information from other successful people you will quickly start to embed the information that is required to experience success in our lives. The more we read the more seeds that we sow in our mind, which will eventually blossom into flowers if we give them time and we continue to focus on personally growing. 3) Attend a live training weekly. By attending weekly live training we are also associating ourselves with people that are like minded, are experiencing success, and are there to help us grow inside of our business. This is key right here because this is what helps us grow and mold ourselves into leaders of our industries. 4) Get to every industry event you can go to. Attending the events is of upmost importance, because it’s not what you learn at the events that will get you to the next level. It’s the conversations that you have at the dinner table across from somebody that is having success that will actually just blow your business up! The conversations bring out the magic my friends.

Personal development is a important part of life for anyone wanting to achieve anything which they have not achieved before. Personal development helps us become the person necessary to achieve the results you desire in your Multi Level Marketing home biz. In Multi Level Marketing personal development becomes even more important to achieve massive success. What is personal development? Personal Development is an attitude; it means you’re always seeking new strategies and ideas for improvement. You must remember personal development is a never ending process of learning. The more knowledge we gather along the way, the better equipped we are to make wise decisions and choices on our journey through life. Personal development traditionally covers a broad set of areas to improve such as finances, relationships, health, etc Personal development is about improving yourself mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically to be the best you can be. Personal development is so often misunderstood these days. Personal development is about becoming a coach and a leader of yourself primarily then others and using your talents, passions, knowledge and skills to make a lasting and positive impression in the world through your contribution and by helping others.

In the world of Personal Development you have 2 types of people. One type of person is the individual who lives and dies by the sword of personal development, which has the ability to cut through any problem at any time, and in any situation. The second person is the individual who is not quite sold on the fact that developing personally and acting in spite of their mind are actually the keys to changing their results, changing their life, and creating a new, secure future. The problem I see in today’s society is that too many people are attached to the results or the fruits that they want to bare when they have no idea what it actually takes to create success. Society depicts the lives of celebrities, lifestyle, riches, and fame as this glamorous rendition that can be created through 1 song or 1 week of marketing. Let’s get real. Creating success is a result of your daily action.

Coaching is about personal transformation and growth. It teaches us that we have options in every aspect of our lives. It shows us why we live within frameworks of values, beliefs, behaviours, and habits and it gives us choice in every area. So why do so may people spend so much time and money on self help books with such limited impact? The reason is simple. When you are learning about your own mind it’s far more effective to work with another, more skilled mind to get the changes you want. Coaches compel to action simply through natural human interaction. They challenge with skilful questions at the right time. They provoke within a context of rapport to challenge beliefs and values. They enlighten with a range of approaches and techniques to reveal to the client representations of the clients own experience which they simply were not aware of. Coaches work within what they call a framework of ecology.