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What more an entire city? Or an entire state? Indirect effect. Creating a demand for renewable energy will not only create jobs; it will also help the country keep its money from leaving the country. Most of the materials used for creating solar panels, wind turbines, and other equipment are home-grown and are indigenous resources. Since the materials can be found in the country and production of the systems is done locally, the money stays within the nation’s shores. It also creates the opportunity to import both raw materials, commercial products, and even manpower-thus generating more income for the country. No to imports. By creating power using green energy locally, one would no longer have to import energy. For example, Hawaii’s electricity comes from fuel oil, 85 percent of which was imported. This is needless use of money when the energy could come from local sources (Hawaii’s location is good for solar power plants due to its good solar insulation). Recovery. Experts say using green energy can the answer to economic progress. China’s use of renewable energy is one of the reasons why the country is having an economic transformation. In fact, researches show the country will be able to produce enough energy to meet its energy demands in years. That China is focusing on this area as a means to grow as a world power is clearly a sign that the green energy revolution is not with basis. Even India is following China’s example by investing billions on solar power.

However, there are numerous resources and guides on the market to produce your own solar panel and hot water systems that are much more affordable. If your house is still being built, a good way to turn it into a solar power house is to employ passive solar technology during construction. If you are in the Northern Hemisphere, this means making use of the south-facing sides of your house for heating and cooling. By putting in many light-efficient windows and heat regulating bricks on the south-facing side, these passive solar techniques help make your house into a green energy home. Another method is making use of a windmill on your property. Windmills are driven by the wind to generate power and even pump water from an outside source. Wind turbines can be fixed on your rooftop or in your yard to produce clean electric power. Like solar panels, domestic windmills can be bought and installed commercially, but that costs a lot of money.

The following sections provide a summary overview of many other renewable energy sources being researched, developed, and deployed throughout the world. Ocean current energy is discussed by governments and investors as having untapped energy generating potential. A ocean electricity generator in Europe has been in operation for a long time. It is thought to be a great accomplishment. The progressive countries across the globe are also running pilot facilities. Hydroelectric power has been with us for a while. At current hydro dams, it is a clean generator of electricity. Because water and gravity is used, it is more effecient than a grid powered by natural gas. There are restrictions to the availability of the right places to set up a large dam. Many river based, or small and localized, hydro generators where created in recently due to this limitation. Geothermal energy is extremely abundant. Since it lies directly beneath us, we only need drill just a few miles below the earth’s surface to find huge amounts of energy.

This type of power uses the radiation from the sun to produce energy. Solar power can be as simple as having solar panels on your home or as complicated as a solar power plant that generates electricity for a town. Solar power relies on solar panels that collect the radiation from the sun and turned into energy. Once collected, it can be used for your home’s needs right away or stored in batteries for later use. Windmills have been used for ages, but today’s wind turbines are a far cry from the scenic windmills of Holland. Be that as it may, wind can be a powerful energy producer and there are many turbine farms, as well as individual turbines for single family homes, throughout the US that help in renewable energy production that doesn’t produce any pollutants. Biomass actually refers to any biological material either living or recently dead. Technically fossil fuels could be considered biomass but they’ve been dead for so long that their structure is changed and they are not quite in the same category as things like wood. Burning wood or sugarcane is considered biomass fuel and since we can replant these things they are considered renewable. While they do cause carbon dioxide to be released into the air, the live versions of these actually absorb carbon dioxide so if you are replanting as much wood as you burn the net pollution would be negligible. Looking towards the future, green power is definitely the way to go. Certainly, we haven’t researched these alternatives as much as we should have in the past but now it is obvious that we must come up with a different solution to meet our energy needs. Hopefully research will increase on all these fronts and we will soon be able to produce energy in a clean and renewable manner that will serve us for generations to come.