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Open rate in email marketing means how many people have read and opened the email. This is especially true with mass mailing to a list. As you know that people don’t like to receive promotional offers in their inbox, they have created other email addresses to receive those. Obviously they won’t open email addresses if they receive promotional stuff frequently. To address this problem, you need to write compelling subject of the message. Since the subject of the message is the first thing that communicates with the reader, you need to make sure it has a lot of hooks to entice the reader to open the message instantly. The second solution to this problem is confirming the email address of the subscriber and sending the free stuff in the inbox. While it will still enable the visitor to keep it in the other inbox, you need to make sure you give good stuff to the subscriber and ask him to open his inbox everyday for a surprise.. So let’s come back to the subject of the email message.

To become an expert in mass email marketing, you need to master the art of timing. Timing is important. In fact, sending newsletters on a daily manner is not a healthy practice. Search engines might only suspect your news reports/newsletters as spams. I know you’ve got a lot of insightful and inspiring message to say to your clients but you need to put a limit in sending out those newsletter or reports, right? That’s why; narrowing your customers in who would be interested to receive your reports is also a nice strategy to avoid spamming. This technique can also improve your credibility as an online entrepreneur. Purchasing list of subscribers is believed to be added fast technique to draw recipients. This technique might make sales. You can earn money in a snap but beware, using this technique can only destroy your marketing goals and what started as a activity of gems will end up in a pieces of rags. In this case, honesty is ease the best policy. As earlier as now, start building your possess individualized lists by way of selling the correct affiliate products, joining affiliate forums and be ready to face your mistakes.

I personally created 30 emails on all manners of subjects related to my industry, all focused on my warm market. I am currently working on a second 30 day campaign for my cold market, since they will have a different mindset when it comes to what I have to share with them. When I first started receiving emails from other gurus one of the main things that really turned me off was the solicitation for their info products in every email I received. It just seemed self centered and pushy, which is why I vowed never to implement that type of strategy. What I strongly recommend you do is subscribe to 4 or 5 different gurus and collect a week’s worth of their email series. This will give you a great idea on how to write good copy when you develop your email series. I’ve always lived by the philosophy that you should do what the best are doing, rather than what they are telling you.

Recently, I did an all-but-the-kitchen-sink email marketing training. It was for a prestigious Internet traffic generation course created by some buddies and clients of mine. And I revealed ALMOST everything (about 80%) I know about exploding sales and profits with email. However, there’s one little zinger I forgot to include. Something that makes emails (and blog posts, articles, podcasts, etc) a LOT more fun for you to create and more enjoyable for your list to receive. What am I talking about? In fact, if you frequently email (and I believe you should, no matter what the ex-spurts say) then variety is mucho important. And without it, you could accidentally turn even winning ideas into duds. Take TV as an example. One of my favorite TV shows is “Smallville” — which is about Clark Kent’s teenage adventures before his Superman days. And sometimes they do “red kryptonite” episodes. You see, in the show (like the movies and comics), green kryptonite hurts, weakens and can even kill Clark. But red kryptonite has a different effect: It basically takes away his conscience. So he’s like a sociopath doing things like working for the mob, robbing banks, telling people about his powers, eloping with psycho women in Vegas and basically acting like a kid on drugs. The red kryptonite episodes are VERY popular. And they tend to boost ratings big time. But if they did red kryptonite stories every week, it wouldn’t work. It wouldn’t have the same ratings power. And, frankly, it’d bore people to tears. Same with your email marketing. If you email a lot (and again, you should) then mix it up. Don’t pour your list the same box of cereal each day. Be like those Kellogs cereal variety packs — where one day you feed them Frosted Flakes. Then you give them Fruit Loops the next.