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Because the purpose of a Murder Board is to create an environment for the presenter similar to the actual situation to be faced, it is important that those playing the members of the audience be armed with as much information about this audience as possible. Participants must be steeped in the details of the issue being presented so they can put themselves in the mental framework of the people who will be in your actual audience. Information on the personal styles, idiosyncrasies, temperament, etc. of these audience members provides insight into how they will react to certain comments or proposals. Your colleagues can better role-play if they have this information. The more you know about personalities of audience members, the less surprised you will be in the presentation. The success or failure of a Murder Board ultimately depends on its realism. The closer it is to the real thing, the better prepared will be the presenter. This realism, to a great degree, depends on the ability of your colleagues to get into the heads of the key players in your actual audience.

What can you do? If you already own a homeopathic home prescribing kit, you will have several medicines which may help you. You simply have to work out the best one, by matching your symptoms to some of those of the best medicine. Silica is one of our top medicines for overcoming public speaking fear, for a lack of confidence, for someone who is paralysed by anxiety or fear, is indecisive or for someone with a yielding or timid disposition. The Silica personality does gave an obstinate streak, which may sound unusual given the other symptoms of a lack of self confidence. But this comes from an inner conviction of being right. Even with the outer tendency to yield to others. Those who need Silica are cold, very cold. Even uncovering one limb, or being in a draught is not well tolerated. And there may be a past history of many and recurring infections and a lack of healing in injuries. After taking Silica, with good results, you may find that many of these areas of health cease to be a problem. So not only has your fear evaporated, you have become more healthy, too.

Luckily for you there is a group dedicated to helping people master the art of public speaking and overcoming their fears as it concerns this, the group is called Toastmasters. Toastmasters is an organization that’s been around since 1924, they help people gain skills and confidence as it concerns public speaking. You may want to consider joining this organization as it could serve to help you get over a lot of the fear you might have about public speaking. You can join and find a meeting place near you for your convenience. Using medications may also serve you well in helping you to overcome your nervousness when it comes to speaking in public. Your body is set up to protect you from certain situations where it feels like death is a possibility. You have internal mechanisms in you called beta adrenergic receptors which are activated by certain types of chemicals released by the brain, when these chemicals are released they cause intense anxiety related feelings and symptoms like sweating and fast heart beating. Taking a beta blocker drug helps to stop this rush of chemicals there fore controlling your nervousness. Overcoming your nervousness when it comes to public speaking is easy once you decide to take the appropriate action to do so. Taking a beta blocker to block some of the chemicals released by the brain can help control these feelings of anxiety. Joining organizations like Toastmasters can help you master the art of public speaking and give you unstoppable confidence, and knowing how to identify whether or not you have Glossophobia which is the term used for extreme cases of public speaking anxiety can all help you take control of this problem and speak in public with no fear. Take these methods seriously and you should be on your way.

You will be more likely to stumble around, lose their focus, and embarrass yourself. That was a quick list of things you have to consider before stepping on stage for a public speaking engagement. If you neglect any of those points, you will fail to reach your audience effectively and your event will be a disappointment for all. You want to speak to your audience, not over them or under them. In order to compose an effective speech, you should try to figure out how educated your audience is on average. If everyone in the audience is of the same profession, your examples or subject should come from their profession as well. This is a great way to reach them in their own worlds, even if you have something unrelated to say. Don’t forget the Q&A segment! Think about questions that may be asked by guests and get ahead of the game coming up with answers.

Fear of public speaking can be so severe that people fear it more than death itself. Oftentimes people fear they will experience a panic attack during the speech and be unable to speak normally or think of what to say next. This fear doesn’t necessarily have to be a fear of large crowds. It can be a fear of speaking in normal everyday circumstances such in an office meeting where it’s important to get opinions and facts across to other co-workers. So how does one overcome these fears and learn how to deal with panic disorder? The first thing one should realize is that there is no quick solution to overcoming fear of public speaking. The key to public speaking lies in practice. The more you practice at it, the better you will become. When you get better your confidence builds and the fear becomes less severe and eventually non-existent. When you get better at public speaking you will experience less anxiety. Less anxiety means you have a lesser chance of experiencing a panic attack because anxiety is a trigger for causing a panic attack. Even famous speakers still experience some level of nervousness and fear before a public speech. However, because they are experienced at what they do, they know what to expect. They know how their mind handles severe amounts of stress and how to keep it under control. Even someone without experience with public speaking can handle a huge amount of stress and anxiety without looking or sounding like they are losing control. The key is to learn how to control your negative thoughts and make yourself believe that you will not fall victim to a panic disorder, and if you do experience a panic disorder during the speech that it really isn’t a big deal. Keep your negative thoughts under control and you will be able to think more clearly and handle any anxiety that comes your way.