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Hence, foreclosure is carried out wherein the banks or the secured creditors repossess and sell the house at a foreclosure sale / auction. Any homeowner surrounded with the situation of foreclosure, becomes more receptive to the investor buying the home in order to get rescued from the inevitable. The real estate investor investing in foreclosures can either take the responsibility to make the payments, or just purchase the house at a cost that covers the owed amount of mortgage. In reality, the owner of the home stands to loose the equity and the down payment in the property, but still the owner can secure the credit rating as well as get the opportunity to buy a new home after the finances are cleared up. Real estate investing in foreclosures is a good avenue for the investor, but it also carries some amount of risk, and generally includes substantial investment of cash. Most foreclosed properties demand for repairs since, if someone is not able to compensate for the mortgage for several months, it is obviously not expected from such person to keep the house in good condition.

Imagine owning a dividend stock with very little volatility that pays a 15% tax free dividend. Real estate as an asset class gets all the normal deductions of any investment business with the added benefit of a paper loss called depreciation. I wont go into too much detail on it, but you can learn more here. The net benefit is that depreciation as a paper loss can in many cases completely offset the cash flow from your investment property. In certain situations it can offset even more than your current cash flow and you can create a depreciation bank or use the excess depreciation to offset any other income. For example you wont normally find high cash flow on a percentage return basis in the same investment as high appreciation potential. Lets compare California and Kentucky to explore this concept further. 30%) where Kentucky will motor along at a steadyappreciation rate of 2% to 4% per year. By looking at your investment projects through the CATP lens, youll get much better at analyzing the benefit and the blend within your real estate portfolio.

A happy employee does quality work and has no problem occasionally going above and beyond the call of duty. Likewise, a well maintained property that is located in a developing or established community will more than likely appreciate faster than the normal annual increase of four to five percent. A happy employee will produce, and the company that he or she works for will see a substantial return on the investment it made in that person. Likewise, a good property that is attractive to renters or other potential buyers will make sure that you see a solid return on your investment. If done correctly, real estate investing can be your golden goose, but that does not mean you don’t have to put in the necessary work. A bad real estate investment can drain every penny you have, and depending on the market and location you could end up stuck with a money pit that nobody else will even think about taking off your hands. To avoid this you must do your research on the area you are planning to invest in.

Florida real estate investing opportunities are plentiful, but succeeding in this market today requires careful consideration of location. Investors often buy houses within the Sunshine State for use as vacation rentals, but offering long-term rental homes might be a better option for now. Those considering Florida real estate investing may find it beneficial to work with realtors familiar with the state. Many realtors specialize in selling bank short sales and foreclosure homes and can assist investors with locating discounted properties. Due to the fact that many Florida residents have lost their home to foreclosure there is ample opportunity for investors to generate income by offering long-term rentals. Once homeowners lose property to foreclosure they are usually forced to become tenants until they can qualify for another mortgage loan. Although Florida has been hit hard by foreclosure there are still plenty of opportunities to generate cash flow with investment property. Since Florida is one of the world’s most popular vacation destinations many investors seek out beachfront homes. However, it can be beneficial to scout out homes in Orlando and Daytona as these areas are home to tourist attractions such as theme parks and motorsports racing.