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They determine this based on how the market is doing and the interest rates. Formula: To compute IRR you must use Excel or a qualified real estate investment software program. Sellers of income property, of course, prefer to sell at lower cap rates. The idea is to create a target and then monitor your progress continually against that target to insure that you’re on the right course

That way, you can find out if you can indeed afford the property on sale. You need to ask plenty of questions about the property and the area where it is situated. This gives you the flexibility to pay the loans

BUT it’s also the worst of times to be in real estate investment. Yes, housing values have come down drastically and there are lots of foreclosure and bank owned properties to choose from, and it’s also the worst of times because it’s very difficult to get financing for new investors. I bet that many people cannot qualify to refinance their rental property because many self-employed people don’t show enough income on their tax returns. It may look promising for investors because when the “bubble” burst, there are many deals out there to be had

Not too many properties later, our first major roadblock – the banks laughed when we applied for financing (our debt to income ratio was way off) so we then had to learn creative financing strategies and began studying real estate investing as a full time profession. Beating our W2 job happened from the beginning. In point of fact, if you’re like me–because your time is valuable, you’d want a simple “litmus test” of how to research real estate markets and evaluate potential possibilities. So, why not latch onto someone who has enjoyed the success which years of experience can provide? We see these people all the time, breezing through deals that no-one knew existed, accomplishing deals that to the newbie would seem to be bad investment risks, and quickly reaping profits that would make anyone drool with envy