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Did that make me happy? It made me comfortable yes, but not happy. By mastering your emotions, cleaning out resentments and grievances, and changing your old habitual reactions to events, you will achieve happiness no matter what your external circumstances. Start with my Emotional Mastery category at the Urban Monk website. Be happy where you are now, and then work towards where you want to go. Think of this analogy: You are a diamond in the rough, recently dug up, and still covered with dirt and mud along the years. Before you can begin to polish and shape the diamond, you have to clean the mud off. That is what emotional mastery means to me. The dirt and mud refer to some events in your past that were painful to you. I dont believe that anybody can come through the journey into adulthood unhurt in all ways. All sorts of abuse, emotional, verbal, and physical, could have happened. This is an exception to the statement that you should take responsibility for whatever has happened to you, especially if you were young and helpless. I have to make this distinction here or I will get bombed with hate mail.

When was the last time you practiced self care? It can be something as simple as listening to your own music or as complex as going out for a night with the girls. Self care is an important part of motherhood that is often overlooked, and personal development is often the first thing to go. We all need personal development in order to feel like we’re going somewhere, even if we’re staying right here with our families. Personal development is also important because it teaches your children to reach for the starts throughout their entire lives instead of just while they’re still young. Recognizing the three stages of personal development is the first step to making it a big part of your self care routine. The first stage if known as stagnant, which means you aren’t changing or growing at all. Stagnant moms are more like hamsters on a wheel, continually moving but never going anywhere.

This article explores the link between personal development and lucid dreaming. First it looks at the need for personal developmental and then it discusses the power of the subconscious mind. From there it shows how lucid dreaming could be used to assist personal development. Personal growth or development and self help as terms do not seem to hold the spirit of what is truly involved close to heart. Maybe self improvement as phrase is a bit softer on the tongue but still does not capture the true essence required. Self help and self improvement is many things to many people but in essence looks to quality of life as an assessable yardstick by which to develop, measure and improve personal performance and awareness. Now quality of life, again, can be many things to many people. But lets just say for those of us sitting in front of a screen reading this commentary probably looks more to the elements around happiness and the meaning of life rather than the quality or quantity of the food, clothes or shelter in our lives.

There are many factors that can affect this aspect of your personality, such as never being praised at home, physical and sexual abuse, bullying and any of a number of physical or psychological reasons. If you do nothing and just disappear into the background, you will never attain your full potential. Here are some things that you can do to improve your self esteem: they are simple initial steps to personal development and the beginning of your future. Write down all the things you are good at. Note any achievements, no matter how small, and any aspects of your character that you feel proud of, such as honesty, compassion, fidelity or loyalty. Any one of these could put you above several famous politicians in integrity. An important aspect in the personal development of any individual is understanding their own virtues, and appreciating the fact these are positive aspects of their own personality. Be aware of your abilities and skills, take a positive attitude to your attributes and you are on the road towards developing a high level of self esteem.