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•To see attachments of a message go to the message choose Details and scroll to locate the attachments that are sent using iMessage. These tips come handy for many reasons as majority of iPhone and iPad users are either texting using iMessage or e-mails. Want to delete message then select the More function and delete the message. Truly stylish this phone is sure to win hearts worldwide by it appeal and uniqueness

The iPhone, like the iPod cannot be detected as a storage device and needs iTunes software enabling any transfers. This can be a letdown when you want to transfer stuff from your iPhone to other computers. A big letdown is the Bluetooth function limited only to its headset. If you have no budget problem they can get what you want from many channels, but if you have a low budget, there might some limitation for you

Incorporating features your customers want, thereby making your product better, coupled with maintaining visibility, can help increase or at least maintain steady sales. After the announcement of new iPhone 4G mobile, everyone has gone crazy about it and wants to know every news, specifications and applications. In order to do that, the questions should be settled regarding the list of app to be officially supported, reimbursed, tolerated or denied; the list of people responsible for taking decisions and analyzing the impact on individual’s satisfaction and the consequences of breaking the policy. The world is looking forward to meeting a new generation of mobile enterprise applications. inch screen makes viewing webpages and emails super easy

Just connect cable to iPhone and it will work. This app is great if you constantly send emails with file attachments. On iPhone screen, you will see apple watch is detected