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Remember these tips and share them to see improvements in the environment! This weren’t the only old inventions used in saving energy, a lot depend on saving it using new gadgets like bio bus, this allowed them to save more energy and make it green which is called green energy!. We just need to rediscover things and be creative in order to find what better alternatives there are. Even if you don’t have a ton of money, you can do simple things, like monthly cleaning of the filters in your furnace or lowering the thermostat to 60 degrees when you’re not going to be home

Use Software Tools with Uninterrupted Power Supplies-UPS tools can be used to effectively monitor energy use and supply. Share and Edit Documents Online-Move your document sharing, editing and collaboration efforts to a rich online environment like SharePoint, which will limit high paper consumption, lower ink use, reduce printer energy and help keep all of your documents easily manageable and accessible. In this way it can also reduce industrial and electrical pollution. It saves you money and provides a considerable amount of solar power for your daily use. Geothermal of the earth originates from the original formation of the planet; it comes from the radioactivity decay of minerals, from volcanic activity, and from solar power that absorbed at the surface

Natures wind force is yet another source of green, powering water pumps for centuries, but have now grown in popularity to supplement home and business energy needs. It is impossible to think of any human activity without thinking about electricity. Solar hot water collectors use the heat of the sun to produce hot water

Many of us use computers and laptops these days but did you know that you can reduce your power consumption by means of taking the battery from your laptop computer and running through the AC outlet only. Plans to build thousands of wind turbines between Texas and North Dakota are in motion; when these turbines are in place they will provide as much as 20% of the country’s energy. Sustainable practices will have an effect on generations to come, making the planet healthier and stronger

Every tree is about 50% carbon. Where does that come from? As the tree grows, it breathes in all the pollutants that you and I persist in dumping into the atmosphere, and the tree is smart enough to convert the carbon in the carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide into tree mater. The main source of our current fuels (crude oil) are from fossils which are extracted from decayed bodies of ancient creatures, a large portion of which are found in the Middle East. The study encompasses a market attractiveness analysis, wherein energy type and end-user segments are benchmarked based on their market size, growth rate and general attractiveness