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We also include mention of the referral bonus in our monthly newsletter as well as hand out flyers/door hangers to each resident on a quarterly basis. You can also gain more exposure for your mobile home park by hosting a barbecue or sponsor a park-wide yard sale. It might be good to offer kids’ jumping machine or something where the children have some toys so they can play. Sky is the limit as to events that you can plan to garner more exposure for your mobile home park. Another method is to try using television and radio spots. In West Texas, we purchased 30-second TV spots for as little as $1 to $5 per spot. That worked well for exposure. However the most cost effective and greatest results come from placing classified ads in the Thrifty Nickel, Greensheet, and Pennysaver. The cost is about $5 to $15 per ad per week. You can place classified ads under the “Apartments for Rent” heading. Most people who are looking to rent apartments are really good candidates to buy a mobile home because for the same price they are renting an apartment, they can own their own home. You can also put classified ads under “Mobile Homes for Sale”.

Park Office: with the park office you want to make sure that it looks inviting. I have been to many an office that is not properly marked with “Welcome” or some other inviting remark. Instead it says something like, “if your rent is not paid by the 5th it is late” or “take your excuses somewhere else”. Is that any way to greet a potential resident? Park Office again: I have also been to many parks that as you are walking up to the office you are greeted by a fence with a dog inside and you have to decide whether to enter or not. Other times you knock on the door and then there are 3 dogs scratching at the door waiting to pounce on you. I don’t have a problem with my manager’s home being duplicated as the park office, but I do think they need to take precautions against scaring people off with their own dogs. General Appearance of the Community: once the potential resident enters the park and is satisfied with the entrance and roads, they will encounter the rest of the park.

Therefore, when you first meet a customer, you should try to find out exactly what they are looking for. When you call or text someone, remember to personalize it and treat the person at the end of the phone with respect. Try to be respectful of the individual you are contacting. Be relevant. Do not get so wrapped up in the excitement of utilizing mobile marketing that you forget that a purpose must be involved. You want to ensure that all of your information is something that your customers (and prospective clients) will find useful. If you keep your customers happy, they will keep you happy. Always remember to implement a marketing strategy that is user friendly and simple. Filling out a form is easy to do on a computer but can quickly become annoying on a smaller screen of a smartphone. For the benefit of your readers, make your mailing list sign-up as simple and efficient as possible.

Mobile marketing techniques and strategies for business are cheaper than old fashioned marketing techniques. You might be wondering, “what exactly is mobile marketing?” Here are some examples. What is Mobile Marketing? Mobile marketing is advertising using mobile devices. Banners – When you access a website on your mobile device, there are often banners on the top or the bottom of the site. It is a standard banner and you can click on that banner to take you to the consumer website. Text Messages – This is when a company sends a text message to your mobile phone giving you a discount in a store or an online store. Be aware that even though this can be used as a method of marketing, a lot of people are often angry when they receive a text message when they haven’t specifically signed up to the service. I know that when I get a text message from a company, that I haven’t specifically asked for, then I usually delete the message without even reading it. Location Based Advertising – This is done utilizing the GPS technology that is inside your mobile device.

As mobile applications become more prevalent, it will become increasingly difficult for the developers to compete with large companies’ substantial developing budgets. It should come as no surprise that Google has a foothold in the mobile marketing game. Google’s Admob was started in 2006 by a developer looking to remove the roadblocks to engaging users. Now, Admob has become one of the largest players in mobile marketing by investing in cutting edge technology and snatching up the most talented developers. With Google’s notoriety, it is understandable why companies like Ford, Paramount Pictures, and P&G have used their marketing tools. Admob provides business models for companies looking to monetize and serves over a billion ads per month! Compared to MobileStorm’s 3 billion ads total, you can see why Admob is the ultimate front runner in this race. Admob also provides monthly mobile metrics reports that allow clients and partners to recognize the trends in the market and strategize about their advertising accordingly. Like MobileStorm, Google’s Admob allows companies with varying advertising budgets the ability to reach consumers worldwide. Never to be outdone by Google, Microsoft also offers cutting edge technology making them a preferred choice by many companies looking for mobile solutions. Microsoft Advertising has enormous resources and outlets for their advertising campaigns and claims to reach over 688 million customers per month. The sheer size of Microsoft and Google insure their positions in the mobile marketing arena, but the smaller companies highlighted above may offer more personalized approaches and be better equipped to reach specialized niches of customers. The increase in mobile phone applications signals the developing trend for companies’ focus on reaching consumers wherever they are. Future advancements will focus on local advertising and tracking users’ interests. These techniques will make mobile advertising even more effective.

You can provide special offers for opt-in customers. If you find your coffee shop doing excellent business on busy week days and lagging behind during the weekends, you could offer a good discount on gourmet coffees on weekends by asking customers to SMS a select code you through text message. This is an excellent method of getting your regular week day customers make an effort visiting your coffee shop during weekends too. You can advertise offers in coupon magazines, on your website or in any or all local newspapers. You can even post details of the offer in your shop. In just a few weeks you will be surprised to see the improvement in sales. You could innovate your Saturday and Sunday offers and send details through SMS to your regular customers. For example, you could have a contest for customers who have to answer questions on certain topics. You could filter customers who win this quiz to participate and fight for the grand prize in an exclusive game. All these promotional activities have become simple with mobile marketing. Text message marketing helps you with your venture and moves forward an effective mobile campaign to get more and more people recognize and frequent your coffee shop. You can use the technology to send special alerts and discount deals to customers for opt-in customers in your area. Mobile marketing initiatives have helped quite a few coffee shops build a customer database of 10,000 in just a few months. Replace the less efficient media and reach out for the potent and powerful long term mobile marketing strategy to increase your coffee shop business. Text messaging is effectively used by many mobile marketing companies to rope in customers through effective “call for action”. We also help coffee shops keep in touch with employees and engage them in different contests through mobile communication.