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Here solar power is already put to use through photovoltaic cells. PV cells, when exposed to light, use semiconductor materials to generate directly electric power. In the northern provinces and territory, they have are used as standalone units to distribute electricity, particularly for remote homes, telecommunications equipment and navigational devices. Because they replace the costly diesel fuel systems that used to provide this energy, they also benefit the economy of these areas. Currently 1.1 percent of Canada’s electricity is produced by ninety-nine wind farms. The Canadian Wind Energy Association states it could reach a capacity of 55,000 MW by 2025, meeting 20 percent of Canada’s needs. The impact on the economy is already on display in parts of the country. Ontario’s Green Energy and Green Economy Act of 2009 incentivizes homeowners to use renewable energy generators like solar panels by offering low- or no-interest loans to finance the cost. In British Columbia, GLOBE Foundation of Canada estimates the province’s recent turn to a green economy could be worth over 27 billion dollars by 2020. It is already responsible for 117,000 full time jobs and over 15 billion dollars of provincial GDP. Canada already has the resources and the systems in place for renewable energy. It remains for the nation to decide how fully it wishes to develop and integrate them into the global green market and economy grid.

The power source we are currently using is leaving behind toxic waste, which will be a very big problem to handle in the future. When we start to compare using green solar PV compared to oil or coal, we can clearly see that even though the energy we are getting is a little less, there is no residue waste in case something bad happens. We are not faced with oceans that will be destroyed when an oil rig fails, or a nuclear disaster, which will contaminate a large area for decades. This should be in the back of everyone’s mind when they are considering the state of the planet, which they are leaving behind for future generations. We really should not be wasting anytime changing our power source to greener more efficient energy. The biggest problem that we need to overcome is the urgency of finding a suitable power source that is green. We all take for granted that running out of power is something that will not happen in our lifetimes, therefore we all take a backseat to the problem and drag our feet when it comes to a solution. If everyone took an active role and switched to greener energy source, which is safer, big oil companies will be forced to take an active role to speed up the research based on solar. Every change starts with everyday people, and that is the power that we all hold in our hands. If we really want a change we need to start with our homes. If the amount of people is sufficient to force big companies to take notice, real change in greener more efficient power will come about.

In several instances, power firms have programs which permit you to connect to their grid and be paid for any excess energy you generate. Your Earth four Energy wind power and solar power system is therefore also a possible income earner. Some areas even pay you for all of the power you generate, increasing your earning prospective. The Earth 4 Energy wind power kit gives you every little thing you have to create a skilled quality wind turbine, even should you be somebody who is not handy with tools or does not usually attempt do it yourself projects. It explains that a single turbine will act as a back-up system for your solar power panels for extended periods of cloud cover, and tells you all the raw materials you may need to start the project. The kit even includes wind maps for your certain region, so you can see how much power your windmill can generate, and plans on how you can wire your residence correctly.

When we read of green energy, therefore, we rarely see nuclear power included. Those who support nuclear energy say that nuclear waste is not, in fact, released into our earths biosphere during its normal production cycle. They stress as well that the carbon dioxide that nuclear energy production releases is comparable, in terms of each kilowatt hour of electricity, to such sources of green energy as wind power. As an example of the green energy production the average wind turbine, such as the one in Reading England, can produce enough energy daily to be the only energy source for 1000 households. Many countries now offer household and commercial consumers to opt for total use of green energy. They do this one of two ways. Consumers can buy their electricity from a company that only uses renewable green energy technology, or they can buy from their general supplies such as the local utility company who then buys from green energy resources only as much of a supply as consumers pay for.